How to Activate MTN 1.5gb for 200 Naira

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How to activate MTN 1.5gb for 200 naira plan

The MTN 1.5gb for 200 naira is one of it’s kind in the history of data offers considering it’s validity period of one month and the fact that you can’t get such an interesting day plan on any other network.

MTN is known for introducing mind-blowing data offers that makes internet access very affordable and easy for people regardless of their class or income. This is one of the interesting things MTN often provides her users and in this piece, we are going to be finding out how you can activate or better put, buy 1.5gb data plan with just 200 naira airtime balance.

In this article as already stated, we are going to find out how to activate this special MTN data plan of 1.5gb for 200 naira and also give some important tips that may raise your chances of being eligible. If you are the type of person that’s not yet earning comfortably from the activities you do on the internet, this article will serve as a source of assistance and information to you. Reason being that, someone who is able to subscribe on his or her mobile network at an affordable price has gotten something amazing considering how important internet connectivity is in today’s world.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to how you can activate the MTN 1.5gb for 200 naira and also some of the tips that helped make my second MTN sim eligible.

How to Activate MTN 1.5gb for 200 Naira

  • To activate this MTN very affordable data plan, simply pick up your phone and dial *131*88#, you will be prompted to confirm subscription.
  • Don’t rejoice yet as this is not an automatic sign or indication that you’re eligible, try to purchase the data plan when you don’t have any airtime or the required amount, if you get the insufficient balance response, that means you are eligible for this cheap Data plan but if you get the not eligible response, then you are not eligible for the offer.

Getting not eligible for the data offer may seem as though that is the end of the world as long as this data plan is concerned but not to worry, there is a way out. If you want to be eligible for the MTN 1.5gb for 200 naira, then I would suggest you keep reading this piece.

How to Become Eligible For The MTN 1.5gb for 200 Naira Data Plan

The moment you are slapped with the ineligible response, the best step to take if the sim is not your active data sim, is to take it off and keep the sim for a couple of weeks.

My second sim wasn’t eligible for the data offer until I removed the sim from my phone as that was the only thing special about the line and kept it out of my phone for 3 weeks. After the three weeks, I inserted the sim into my small phone and within some days, I got a message that I could activate some special data offers not the one being discussed in this article.

I tried the code for the MTN 1.5gb data plan and voila! It worked, instead of the not eligible, I got an insufficient balance response. So if you want to be eligible for this data offer, I’d advise you also follow the same process of taking your line off for some weeks if it’s not your active or main line and retry after 2-3 weeks.

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Data plans such as the 1.5gb for 200 naira are special data plans MTN uses to entice customers that they perceive to have been inactive for a while. Just claim to be inactive and the numerous special data plans would be unlocked for you.

How Long Does MTN 1.5gb for 200 Naira Last?

Surprisingly, the MTN 1.5gb for 200 naira data plan is valid for a month; which means if you don’t exhaust the allocation, the data won’t expire until after 30 days for which you can choose to renew or not. This plan is simply one of the best for people who don’t really have time to navigate the web and for low end internet users.

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