Code to Activate MTN 450mb for 50 Naira Data Plan

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Are you aware you can activate MTN 450mb for 50 naira data plan? The thought of this data plan alone sends chills down a person’s spine especially if you are an active data subscriber because the plan is not just cheap but very cheap. If you are the type of person looking for cheap data plans, then consider going for this plan as it’s simply mind boggling.

In this article as stated in the headline, we will be having a look at the code to activate the MTN 450mb for just 50 naira plan. Data is the fuel that keeps most online activities going, so people are very much interested in data purchases for this reason. Access to cheap data plans means cheap access to internet activities and this is something one should sought after. Having said that, let’s get started with the code to activate MTN 450mb for 50 naira.

About MTN 450mb for 50 Naira Data Plan

About MTN 450mb for 50 naira data plan

This is one of the cheap data plans that belongs to the special data category. What I mean in essence is that, not all MTN subscribers are eligible for this data offer and it is something users enjoy mostly when their lines are not active in terms of data subscription or they were specially selected by the network for the plan.

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MTN 450mb for 50 naira data plan is valid for 14 days and considering how cheap the plan is, the validity period is nothing short of crazy as well. Imagine purchasing this data plan twice and thrice, it would mean enjoying very cheap MTN data valid for a whole 14 days!

How to Activate MTN 450mb for 50 Naira Data

  • Activating this cheap MTN data is very simple. Just pick up your phone, head to the dialer and enter *131*87#
  • You will be shown a confirmation page i.e. to either proceed to purchasing the data plan or cancelling your request.
  • This confirmation page doesn’t mean the data plan is eligible for you. To confirm eligibility, you need to proceed and if you get the insufficient balance response then it means you are eligible for the plan.

That’s all you need to know about the MTN 450mb for 50 naira data plan. There is currently no way to be eligible as the plan is way too special. MTN does the selection and the only way to possibly influence the availability of the 450mb for 50 naira data plan on MTN is by keeping your data purchases relatively low or you keep the line completely inactive i.e. stop purchasing data for a while to see if the data will be made available to you.

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