How To Activate MTN Double Data On Your Sim In 2022

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MTN is the leading telecommunication network in Nigeria; this means that, most Nigerians make use of the network for all their calls and internet needs. But do you know you can also activate MTN double Data offer on your line anytime you need it? As we all know, data is very important in today’s world because money making is now very much possible online with someone not having to sit in a boring office from morning to evening.

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Due to how important data is in today’s world, getting more data for less price is what people are looking for. So in today’s article, I am going to show you guys how to activate MTN double data offer on your sim in 2022. Most of the techniques and tricks on most sites in the search results are somewhat stale and impracticable but the one I am going to show you is fully working.

How To Activate MTN Double Data On Your Sim In 2022

I failed to include requirements but let me also state the most important requirement here, you need two devices. You need a 3g phone; i.e. a device that doesn’t have 4g connection, if you still have all those first generation android devices then good for you plus a normal Android device with 4G connectivity.

Once you have these two things, remove your MTN sim from your main device and insert it into your 3G android or even java device as long as it has 3G.

Turn on data connection of the 3G phone with your sim card in it for some minutes, you can give it 10-15 minutes before removing the sim from the 3G phone and reinserting it into your 4G device. When you reinsert it, wait for some minutes and you will get a message from MTN confirming activation of your double data.

Even if you don’t get a message, wait for some minutes and try buying a small data plan and you will see that the double data offer has been activated for your line. Use it to buy data and enjoy it for the next 3-6 months. If it stops again, repeat same process and keep enjoying huge data offer for less amount.

Thanks, share and if you have tried it out and it worked for you, come back here and drop a comment.

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