How to Become A Mara Champion And Start Earning Money

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Mara champion program

Do you know that you can start earning weekly when you become a mara champion? Mara is a crypto exchange platform that is still in the Prelaunch stage; meaning that it has not begun full operation in Nigeria. But the administrators of the platform also introduced an incentive plan aimed at rewarding all users who onboard in this stage and also refer their friends and family members pending the full launch of the crypto exchange.

In the Mara Prelaunch stage, there are basically three ways of earning. When you register, you get rewarded with $2 which will be available once Mara kicks off activities. You can also earn when you refer people to Mara using your unique referral link or code and earn $1 per person that gets onboarded in the Prelaunch stage.

There is another way of earning on Mara Wallet and that is through the Champion program set up by the administrators to encourage top referrers to continue their hard work on a weekly basis. How does this mara champion program work?

How Does Mara Champion Work?

Mara champion payment proof

Mara champion program is same as the referral program but in this particular one, you earn $0.50 cent which according to their conversion rate is equivalent to 250 Naira per person that registers with your unique referral link. The difference between the Mara champion program and the normal referral program is that, you get paid on a weekly basis to refer and also earn less revenue per referral.

How to Register On Mara Wallet

1. Sign Up On Mara Official Website

2. Enter your email and download Mara mobile Application from Google Play store. It takes just some minutes and then you login to your newly created account.

3. You will be given initial $2 welcome bonus which will remain in pending balance till the platform officially launches towards the end of the year. That aside, now to become a Mara Champion, you need to complete certain steps or meet some requirements and they are as follows;

Requirements to Become A Mara Champion

  • A means of identification such as NIN, Voters Card etc.
  • Must have a normal Mara Account with over five standard referrals.
  • Ability to read and understand.

How to Become A Mara Champion And Start Earning Weekly

Having met the requirements above, the next step is to fill the Mara champion sign up form. Simply click HERE to fill the form that will grant you access to become a champion.

While filling the form, you will be asked to enter the name, phone number and email of the person that referred you to the champion program. Simply enter the following details;

  • Name: Chidi Ugochukwu Eric
  • Phone Number: 07062200896
  • Email address:

Those are the details you will fill as the referrer while filling the Mara Champion form. Just make sure you have your NIN and know some salient details of your Mara account including an image of your signature either on paper or in digital form.

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That’s not all, filling the form is just major aspect of the project. The next step is to message one of the administrators directly on WhatsApp for him to upgrade your account to that of a mara champion.

To contact the Admin, simply click HERE, tell him you wish to be upgraded to Mara Champion and drop the email you used in signing up on Mara. Don’t expect instant replies but be rest assured that you will be upgraded to champion then you begin massive referring to earn 250 per person.

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