How to Block A Stolen Or Misplaced UBA ATM Card Easily

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Blocking UBA ATM card easily

Are you aware that you can block your UBA ATM card if it’s stolen or misplaced? Sometimes either due to our carelessness or simply because we were unfortunate, we lose our ATM cards and when it gets into the wrong hands, the money in the account may be withdrawn leaving us kobo-less.

If you have ever experienced this, then you will agree with me when I say it’s one of the most devastating things that can ever befall anyone. So in today’s piece, I am going to show us how to block UBA ATM card if it’s stolen or you think it’s been misplaced to avoid your hard earned money being withdrawn by a fraudulent person.

How to Block UBA ATM Card Via USSD Code

This works best if the ATM card was misplaced for which you have no idea where it could be. Simply dial *919*10# from the phone number that was used while registering the bank account and your ATM card will be blocked.

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While this is the easiest and fastest way of blocking your UBA debit card, there are other efficient means you can also deploy. Below are the alternative ways of blocking your UBA ATM card without having to visit the banking hall.

How to Block UBA ATM card through WhatsApp Or Facebook

You can chat up the official personal assistant – Leo on WhatsApp or Facebook and send Block Card to him to get your debit card blocked. This option works for WhatsApp and Facebook but be careful not to message the wrong Leo, make sure the Leo has blue tick or verification.

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