How to Block Access Bank ATM Card If It Gets Stolen

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Access bank ATM Card

Do you know that you can easily block your Access Bank ATM card if it gets stolen without having to even contact the customer service? Losing your ATM card is something you can entirely rule out because it is very much possible but when it happens, instead of running around crying a river, you can just take proactive steps to ensure your account and the funds in it don’t get tampered with.

In today’s article, we are going to learn how to block an access bank ATM card once it’s stolen or you believe it may have gotten into the wrong hands. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, the information contained in this piece , would walk you through procedurally on how to block the card. It takes very few proactive actions.

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How To Easily Block Your Access Bank ATM Card

I am going to be unveiling two steps that are super effective. It is now left for you to pick whichever one to hold dear or the one you feel will work best for you.

  1. The first step requires you to just dial *901*11# using any phone number even if your phone is not within close range and then provide the bank registration phone number and your USSD pin and your ATM card will be blocked successfully. It takes little to no time like I stated in the beginning of this article, you just have to pay close attention and ensure you don’t miss any step as that might render it useless and futile.
  2. The second step is also easy, just open your Access Bank application, go to Cards & Cheques > Manage Cards > Block. Then you select the account you intend blocking it’s card and pin or token number to successfully block the card from any form of debit transactions.

But in a situation whereby, your phone was also stolen in the process, just pick any other person’s phone and immediately follow the first step. It works best in such situations and involves less rigor.

Thanks, share and be safe!

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