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GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat for April 2022

How to Browse Unlimitedly Free With Your GLO Sim

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Are you aware that you can browse unlimitedly with your GLO Sim? Data is one thing we can’t do without in this current dispensation due to the fact that literally all activities can now be effectively done online and also with the coming of sophisticated devices, data connectivity now is like the fuel that keeps the generator going.

In today’s article, I am going to show you how to browse unlimitedly with your GLO Sim card and also enlighten you at the same time. But for this trick to work, you need many other active GLO lines that are actively buying data or possibly you need to be close to many other GLO users who often buy data and you need access to their devices. Below is a full breakdown on how to never run out of data with your GLO Sim card.

How To Browse Unlimitedly With Your GLO Line

Like I stated earlier, you need an active data subscriber on the GLO network and you need to have access to the person’s phone for some seconds.

Browse Unlimitedly on GLO

If you have access to the person’s device be it your relative, sibling, or outsider that you believe purchases data regularly, then you dial *127*01*yourglonumber# on the person’s device to link your GLO Sim to the person’s own. In this case, whenever the person purchases his or her usual monthly data plan, you start browsing as well.

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This is not a trick but it’s an approved way of sharing data on GLO but it has some loopholes that you can capitalize on. The loophole is that, you don’t share a specific amount of data to another subscriber, rather you link the person’s sim to yours and start using the person’s data equally.

But before you do this trick, ensure you delete the flash message that will be immediately sent to the person’s phone after linking the data and anytime the person purchases data, your data connectivity starts working! It’s as simply as that!

The educational aspect of this blog post is glaring, someone might actually be using your GLO data on a daily basis without your knowledge, so to see the numbers sharing your data plan with you, dial *127*00# and if you want to remove a number that’s sharing your data, dial *127*02*theglonumber#.

Enjoy and use the data responsibly! 😜

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