How to Buy Data For Free Using MTN Pulse Points

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MTN pulse point balance

The MTN Pulse points is a loyalty scheme set up by the network for her subscribers on the pulse tariff plans. It’s a loyalty scheme in the sense that, you get rewarded for your loyalty to the network and the main ways of being loyal to the network is by purchasing data bundles and making calls often.

The pulse points have been around for a long while but it appears many have little to no knowledge about it and how to even use the pulse points to buy data plans on the network. So we will be having a look at more information about the MTN Pulse points, how to buy data using the pulse points and whether the MTN Pulse points can be used to purchase airtime or redeem airtime on the network. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get straight into the business of the day.

About MTN Pulse Points

The Pulse points as the name implies is a loyalty reward scheme set up by MTN to reward customers on the pulse tariff plans with points they can use for data purchases or they can use as discount vouchers when trying to buy data.

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The MTN Pulse points is not available to other customers on the network, you must be in the pulse tariff plan; so incase you want to join the pulse tariff plan, simply follow the steps below

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

Dial *406# then select 1 which is to join the pulse tariff plan.

If you have not migrated in the past 30 days, the migration will be successful and you will be moved from your current tariff plan to pulse and then you’d be qualified for the pulse points.

Upon migration to pulse, you won’t be given any points as there are some tasks needed to be completed before you get rewarded with pulse points. Since it’s a reward scheme, you have to complete some tasks.

How to Get MTN Pulse Points

To get pulse points you either need to be a heavy data subscriber or a heavy caller. The former is more rewarding than the former because whenever you buy data on the pulse tariff plan, a certain amount of pulse points would be given to you.

So this makes it much easier for users to accumulate more points than when they are trying to accumulate via calling. Another way to accumulate pulse points is by calling regularly, when you call someone for long, pulse points will be credited to your line as a reward.

These are the two main ways of getting pulse points on MTN at the time of this publication, they may introduce new means of accumulating pulse points in the future.

What’s the Worth Of MTN Pulse Points?

Worth of MTN Pulse Points

The pulse points are equivalent to naira. If you have 10 pulse points, it means you have 10 naira in your reward balance. So each point you accumulate means you have 1 naira that can be used for data purchases.

Now imagine having 5,000 pulse points? That means your data subscription for the month or even two months have been secured by the network for simply making calls and buying data often on the network. It’s amazing right?

How to Buy Data Using MTN Pulse Points

How to buy data using MTN pulse points

If you want to buy data using the pulse point balance, simply dial *406# and then you enter 7 to access your pulse points.

There you will see the option to buy data, IG/Tiktok bundles as well as an option to check your pulse point balance.

Simply select the first one which is to buy data and proceed to select the kind of data you want to buy either daily, weekly or monthly depending on your point balance.

Pick one of the plans from the list and subscribe, your airtime wouldn’t be deducted as long as you have that amount in your pulse point balance.

Can MTN Pulse Points Be Used to Buy Airtime?

Can MTN pulse points be used to buy airtime?

The answer is no. MTN Pulse points can only be used to buy data on the network. Disregard some misleading articles on the internet saying the points can be used to buy airtime.

The only way to use the pulse points to redeem data by dialing *406# as mentioned earlier and follow the simple prompts.

At the moment MTN Pulse points can only be used to buy data or to reduce the total amount to be spent on data purchase, let’s say you have 2,500 pulse points and you wish to buy 5,000 naira data plan, you can split it into half and pay 2,500 from your airtime balance and the remaining from the pulse point balance.

Hope you’ve now come to terms with all there’s to know about the MTN Pulse points? Feel free to share and join our telegram channel for more interesting updates.

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