How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests On Facebook

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How to cancel all sent friend requests on Facebook

Do you know that you can cancel all sent friend requests on your Facebook account? Facebook is a social medium that has lots of users and sometimes we end up sending friend request to some people that don’t accept nor cancel our request. In the long run you start feeling like you want to cancel all the requests you’ve sent to people maybe because you feel a sense of self pride.

But of course end up not been able to do so because you can’t fully recall the people you sent requests on Facebook. If you are in this category and perhaps feeling worried, then there is no cause for alarm or worry.

There is no need to worry anymore as I’m going to show you how to locate and cancel all sent friend requests on Facebook. It also has an advantage because you get to see those that haven’t accepted your friend request and the next move to make either to protect your ego or whatever, fully your choice.

How to Cancel All Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

>> You have to login to your Facebook account using Chrome or Brave Browser preferably

>> Then you click on this link

>> You’ll be shown the requests from people that you’ve not accepted. The list of people your request is still pending at their end will be shown to you in its entirety. Then you can decide to either cancel and resend or cancel and move on.

>> You now have to cancel each one till you’re done cancelling all friend request on your Facebook account.

>> The request would disappear from the person’s notification but won’t alert the person of the cancellation.

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