Your Oraimo Powerbank & Airpod May Be Fake – Here is How to Check It’s Authenticity

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Fake oraimo product

Are you aware that you could be using a fake or substandard Powerbank and airpod without even knowing? Oraimo is one of the most trusted brands that produce accessories, gadgets such as power banks, airpods, earphones and much more and with the quality they offer, their products are being treated as the best in this part of the world.

But just like every other thing, there have been high influx of fake and substandard products still selling with similar or same name and the sad thing is that, people still purchase these accessories without being able to differentiate. So, in this post, we will be finding out how to check if your Powerbank is fake or original.

How to Check if Your Oraimo Powerbank Or Airpod is Fake or Authentic

How to check if oraimo product is fake or original

If you have ever purchased an Oraimo product, make sure you don’t do away with the packet because they’ve provided users with a means of identifying a fake product still claiming to be from them.

On all oraimo products, there is a barcode and a 16-digit alphanumeric characters that can be uncovered when you scratch directly below the barcode. Now the purpose of this 16-digits is to help users identify a fake product or an original one. So if you wish to check the authenticity of the power bank you probably bought in a gadget shop, follow the steps below;

  • Get the packet or carton of the power bank, look for the barcode and scratch surface below the barcode. You will see a 16- digit alphanumeric characters.
  • Then download Bar code scanner from Google Playstore, I’d recommend you download the scanner attached in this post.
  • After downloading the scanner and uncovering the digits, scan the bar code on the carton to get the oraimo verification site. You can also access the Oraimo Authenticity check website directly on this page.
  • On the verification webpage, simply enter the 16-digits and submit, then wait for a response.

How to know if your oraimo product is fake or original

If you get a validated response, it means your product is authentic but if it’s fake, you will get the Not Validated response which means you purchased a fake product.

Another way to know if the oraimo product you bought is fake or not is if the code has been used to verify more than once. If it’s a new product you should just purchased, you should be the first person verifying it, but if it has already being validated before, then you may have a cause for concern.

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That’s it for how to check the authenticity of the oraimo Powerbank, airpod and charger you bought easily. Enjoy and feel free to join our channel for more interesting updates.

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