How to Convert Your Sweatcoin to USDT Easily

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Convert Sweatcoin to USDT

Are you aware that you can now convert your accumulated Sweatcoin tokens to real USDT that can be withdrawn? Sweatcoin launched sweat wallet and the token on the 13th of September and ever since, three major crypto exchange platforms have enlisted the coin officially.

But ever since it was officially launched and the coin enlisted, people have been left in the dark regarding being able to withdraw their accumulated coins.

Recently, I discovered that users who have moved their sweatcoin to the newly launched wallet can transfer a certain percentage of their sweatcoin tokens to the crypto exchange platforms that have enlisted the coin.

How does it work? Based on my findings, the percentage of your Sweatcoin you can transfer to another wallet is about 10%. This means that if you have Upto 2,000 Sweatcoin tokens for instance, you would be able to move out 200 Sweat; which is equivalent to $10 when converted to USDT.

The most interesting aspect is that, apart from this initial unlocking (10%) of the sweat, you will get 4% of your remaining sweat on a monthly basis for a period of two years. So just prepare your wallet for withdrawal of your sweat.

Without wasting more time, below is a step-by-step guide or procedure on how to convert your Sweatcoin to withdrawable USDT.

How to Convert Sweatcoin to Withdrawable USDT

1. Firstly, you must have moved the coins in your Sweatcoin app to the main wallet, this can be done by downloading the Sweat Wallet Application from Google Playstore and signing in with the activation mail that was sent to your mailbox some months ago.

2. Secondly, when you have moved your coins to the main Sweat wallet, below your total Sweatcoin balance, you will see the available amount. Check image below

Sweatcoin available balance

3. Thirdly, to move the available coin to your wallet, you must have either a Kucoin verified account, Bybit or OKXX account. This is because, only these three have enlisted the coin officially.

4. If you are a crypto enthusiast, there is no way you wouldn’t have either of the three aforemtioned crypto exchange platforms, just launch login to any of them, preferably, Kucoin and then click on deposit

Kucoin Sweatcoin deposit

Then you search for ‘Sweat‘, it should pop up since it has been enlisted on the platform.

Sweat deposit on kucoin

Select Sweat and when asked the network to choose, go for ‘Near Network’ copy the address and then head back to your Sweat wallet to proceed with the transfer of your available revenue.

Sweat Near Network

On the sweat wallet application, just click on transfer and then on the next page, you will see @ username column, paste the sweat address copied from kucoin and proceed to transfer your available sweat to the kucoin wallet.

How to transfer your sweat to a crypto wallet

Once the sweat arrives in your kucoin, you can either decide to swap it to USDT or any coin of your choice and withdraw. Currently the exchange rate of Sweat to USDT is 100 > 5 USDT. So the higher the number of sweat released for you, the better.

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