How to Delete Gmail Address Without Deleting Your Google Acct

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Delete your Gmail account

There are numerous reasons why you may want to delete your Gmail account but the importance of a Google account and the files and information stored on it as we use our devices daily is not something to get rid of. There is an option to delete your Google account but it comes with so many risks such as loss of files, browsing history, YouTube watch history and even your contacts i.e. if you save numbers on your google account.

So if you feel like deleting your Gmail account due to the excess influx of spam mails or you don’t want to use the email address again, then there is a way to safely do this without outrightly getting rid of your google account and all the information in it.

In this article, I am going to reveal how you can delete your Gmail account safely without touching or getting rid your google account and important information as well.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account Without Getting Rid Of Google Account In The Process

1. Firstly, login to your Gmail account i.e. the one you intend deleting.

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2. Depending on your device, locate Account or Manage Your Google Account’. 

3. You will redirected to your google profile management page or dashboard.

How to Delete Gmail account safely

4. Click on privacy and personalisation or data and personalisation. Scroll down till where you will see “Delete a service” and also below it you will see Delete Google account. 

Delete google service

Now here is what you should do, since you don’t want to delete your Google account in its entirety, what to do is, click on Delete a service, then new options will be shown to you to either delete your YouTube profile, or your Gmail.

Delete Gmail without deleting google account

Before doing this, feel free to download the data of your google account, so you don’t lose important information in the process. Tap on delete Gmail account and you will be shown a new column to enter the replacement Gmail address that will be used afterwards to access your google account and information.


Type in the alternative email address and confirm, then your current Gmail address will be deleted. Now you may be wondering, what is the relevance of deleting just Gmail account?

The Importance Of Deleting Gmail Account And Retaining Google Account

  • Deleting just your Gmail account would only remove your mails and nothing else.
  • With your google account still intact, all the contacts stored on your Gmail won’t be tampered with and you can also link another email to the Google account.
  • Your browsing history and YouTube activity history remains intact but if you had deleted the Google account, all mails, contacts and browsing history of that account gets deleted.

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