How to Earn $1 And Upto $100 On Pillow App

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Pillow App referral bonus

Did you know you could earn $1 to $100 free on pillow app courtesy of the newly modified pillow referral program? Pillow is an application that provides users with the opportunity to save money in hard currency in order to prevent the current Naira devaluation and also to earn more the longer money is stored on the platform.

In this post, we are going to be having a deeper look at the referral program and how you can utilise it to earn as much as $100 on a weekly basis. Before we get down to the main purpose of writing this post, let’s have a look at what pillow is all about including the features, the app boasts of.

Features of Pillow App

Pillow Fund makes saving and investing easy by allowing you to save in dollar-based digital assets. You can also earn up to 14% annual interest on these savings. Also, Pillow has no lock-in periods or maturity dates – the interest is paid out daily. Direct transfers from bank accounts to Pillow are available in many countries.

  • Save, invest and earn: Don’t let your savings suffer from inflation. Convert your savings in dollars on the Pillow app.
  • Easy and quick registration: With just your national document and email, you can get started with saving on Pillow. Straight from your mobile with no paperwork needed.
  • Rock solid interest rates: Pillow gets you the best possible interest rate of up to 14% on your dollar savings, while ensuring your funds are safe.
  • Earn daily: Pillow is the only app where you earn daily interest for your investments. So no more waiting till the end of the month or year for interest to get credited.

These are the interesting features of Pillow App but it doesn’t end there, you also earn more money via the various draws they put up on a monthly basis and the referral program which is the primary reason for writing this article.

How to Earn Upto $100 On Pillow Referral Offer

How to earn $1 on Pillow App

Pillow revised their referral program and made it more interesting of better put captivating for users. If you wish to earn more money on pillow, then follow the simple instructions laid down below;

  • Download Pillow App and sign up. While registering, you will be asked to paste the referral code of the person that invited you, simply enter this code – 8nqdj7
  • It is necessary in order for you to receive the initial $1 welcome bonus and also to give back to me for the time expended on explaining how the program works for you.
  • After registering, you would have to deposit at least ₦1,000. This will be added to your pillow wallet and then you will be given $1 bonus which can only be redeemed after 7 days of locking the initial deposit.
  • This means that you should not withdraw the initial deposit until after 7 days or your welcome bonus will be revoked.

To earn more money via the referral program, you need to copy your referral code and send to potential invitees and for each other who signs up using your code, you will be credited with $1 as long as the referral deposited at least 1,000 Naira and didn’t touch it for 7 days.

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It’s a two-way reward, the new users will be given $1 as well. So no one loses out. Enjoy!

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