How to Earn 1,000 Naira And Upto 25,000 From My Stash

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My stash free money

Do you know that you can make good money from a platform known as My Stash? I am sure you have not heard about my stash Application, so it is pertinent for me to do a brief introduction of the application to make you better understand what the application is all about.

My Stash is an online saving application similar to Piggyvest, cowrywise and the likes. It is a platform where you save your money and after the maturity date, you get a fixed amount of money i.e. your money and interest for saving on the platform. The good thing abiyr the app is that, you can either save as you spend or save as you earn, i.e. each time you earn money, a certain amount of money gets deducted from your acct and stashed on the app as savings.

It is an interesting application but what’s more interesting is the referral program. You can earn as much as 1,000 Naira per person that signs up with your referral code and makes the first money move with just N50 deposit. The flexibility of the platform is the most interesting aspect because your savings can still be broken at anytime except for the fact that you will pay a 1% breaking fee.

How Does The My Stash Referral Program Work?

Okay, you have to download My Stash Application directly from Google playstore from HERE

Secondly, you open the app and create an account, while creating the acct, you will see a column provided for referral code, simply add 7X37P as the referral code and proceed to register an account on the platform. When you are done registering, just login and verify your email address with the code that would be sent to your registered email address.

After the verification, you will see a bold plus button in front of your dashboard, click on the plus button and select Make a Money Move to add N50 to your wallet. Below is a screenshot guide.

How to add money on my stash app

Then you select Save as you intend on the next page and continue.

My stash funding process

After which, you fill some details about the money move you are about creating, you can call it test or whatever and then add the N50 with your ATM card preferably.

That’s all for how to add funds on My Stash Application, then you begin your referral movement. The good news is that, referring someone will fetch you N1,000. So you can either decide to start preaching the good news of my stash or simply try out the self referral process.

How to Withdraw Your money From My Stash Application

Withdrawal for referral bonuses have not commenced yet, the head admin said, it will be ready within 2-4 weeks, but there is no harm in accumulating more. My Stash is registered in Nigeria and there is every likelihood that they will pay for the referral bonuses in the stipulated time.

Enjoy and share to others!

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