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Flick free 250 Naira referral bonus

How to Earn 250 Naira And Upto 10,000 On Flick App

Flick free 250 Naira referral bonus

Are you aware that you can earn free 250 Naira instantly on Flick App? Flick Application is an online payment platform owned and developed by Qraba inc. that is aimed at giving the users the opportunity to make bill payments, transfer money and also track their net worth easily from making simple taps and clicks.

It is a payment application and like every other platform, there is an interesting referral program that rewards both the referrer and the referral. So in today’s article, I am going to walk you through on how to start making some money from Flick application simply by registering and referring new users to the application.

How to Earn Free 250 Naira On Flick App

✅ First of all, you need to Sign up and download the Flick Application From Google Playstore by Clicking HERE

✅ Sign up with your real details on the application, you will be requested to enter your Bank Verification number (BVN). This is done to ensure only real users on the platform.

Flick selfie verification

✅ After registering on the app and linking your BVN, you will be asked to do selfie verification; simply snap a selfie and upload to the app. The selfie verification is usually instant unless there is something wrong with the application.

✅ Once you have done all verifications, the next step would be to fund your wallet with at least 1,000 Naira. According to the rules of the platform, you must have spent at least 1,000 Naira before you get the welcome bonus of 250. But you mustn’t necessarily spend it, just click on the plus button beside your account balance and then fund your wallet; after some minutes you will be rewarded with 250 Naira.

✅ To withdraw your money, simply click on the send button and select your bank acct details and the amount you wish to withdraw excluding at least one Naira. So if you want to withdraw 1250, you can enter 1249 Naira.

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How to Accumulate More Money Even Upto 10,000 Naira

Flick referral program

If you want to earn more, get your referral link and share to friends. Pet person that signs up with your unique referral link, you would be rewarded with 250 Naira per person.

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