How to Get $20 Celo By Claiming Gooddollar Token

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Gooddollar is a multi-chain UBI protocol that is live on mainnet, Celo and fuse networks. At the moment, users can earn up to $20 worth of Celo on a daily basis from claiming the Gooddollar token which is abbreviated as G$.

Gooddollar wallet provides users with two major means of earning the G$ token and that is through referring and also by claiming the bonus every day. With that being said, let’s get down to more details about Gooddollar wallet and how you can start making free money on a daily basis as well as how to convert the G$ token to Celo.

What is GoodDollar Wallet About?

About Gooddollar wallet

Gooddollar is a multi chain UBI protocol that is live on mainnet, Celo and fuse networks. The token is known as the G$ token and it is an AMM that is designed to be sed for P2P commerce and give members assets to power their crypto journey.

The wallet is currently giving free money on a daily basis to users with no end in sight; so if you are really interested in making some passive income online without having any special skills, Gooddollar is the platform for you.

What to Gain From Creating A GoodDollar Account

1. Receive daily free crypto distribution in G$ that can be used in 100s of DApps

2. Good wallet is a non-custodial wallet that makes it easy for users to get registered and also claim the daily G$

3. Good dollar provides users with verified address; which serves as your own on-chain address linked to your unique identity.

4. Good dollar provides users with a unique identity model that supports multiple UBIs through one community hardware device.

How to Create Account And Start Claiming Gooddollar Token (G$)

1. Create Account on the Gooddollar website HERE. The registration process is very easy and straightforward. Just create an account and proceed to claim your welcome bonus of 500 G$ token.

2. While claiming, you will be required to do selfie verification twice. Simply follow the instructions to claim your welcome bonus and then start claiming the token once every day unlimitedly.

3. You can withdraw once you have earned something reasonable enough. Since you’re not paying any dime to claim the token, I see no reason why you shouldn’t try it out.

The most interesting aspect is that, you earn some G$ token when you refer users using your own referral link. That’s also what you can leverage on to make good money from Gooddollar.

How to Get Free $20 worth of Celo On Gooddollar Wallet

Free Celo on Gooddollar wallet

On your dashboard, you will see an option to invite friends and get free 1000 G$ token while your friends get free 500 G$ token.

Simply copy your link and share to friends and family, for each person who signs up using your link, you get $0.2 worth of Gooddollar Token.

The loophole is that, you can leverage on it to make good money by self referring.

The only restriction to self referring is the selfie verification but if you can create many accounts and get many friends and even kids to do the facial verification in order for you to claim the 1000 G$ token each then at the end of the day, you will have made alot of money.

Gooddollar Token is recognized on coinmarketcap, so immediately you get the token, you can instantly swap it using Bitkeep wallet. Below we will be going over the steps to follow in order to claim the G$ token or convert it to Celo and withdraw.

How to Withdraw/Convert Your Money On GoodDollar Wallet

How to convert Gooddollar Token to Celo

  • Download Bitkeep Wallet and sign up, save your keyphrase after creating an account so you don’t lose your funds.
  • Login to your good dollar account and click on the three lines at the top right corner, tap on Export Wallet > then copy your private key.
  • Head back to Bitkeep Wallet and click on my wallet, and add wallet, select software and paste the private key you copied from Good Dollar Wallet, enter the pin you used while creating a Bitkeep wallet.
  • Then click on continue and you will be asked to select mainnet, select Celo and and paste the Good dollar contract address – 0x62b8b11039fcfe5ab0c56e502b1c372a3d2a9c7a
  • Once it’s imported, head to DApp and paste this uniswap link – and search for it. You will be prompted to switch to Celo and accept their agreement. Wait for it to load and immediately it loads, you will be shown a new page, for you to select a token you wish to convert to Celo

Swapping from Gooddollar Token to Celo on Bitkeep

  • Enter Good Dollar or paste the contract address and then it will load the balance available on your good dollar wallet, proceed to enter it or click on max if you want to convert everything to Celo.
  • Make sure you have atleast $0.1 in your Celo account as that will be required to process the conversion. Then proceed to concert it to Celo.

When you are done converting, head back to the homepage of Bitkeep and refresh wallet, then click on send and paste your Binance Celo address, to send the money to your binance wallet.

That’s how to easily convert your good dollar token to Celo on Bitkeep. It’s as easy as abc, but for those who may not understand completely, here is a link to watch the full video explanation of how to convert from Gooddollar token to Celo on Bitkeep

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