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Mindviewers new money making options

How to Earn Free Money From Mindviewers Without Referring

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Do you know that you can earn free money from Mindviewers without referring anyone? As we all know, Mindviewers has been a blessing for many of us especially those that understood how best to make the best out of the referral program without violating the rules.

Personally I made above 15,000 Naira within a space of two weeks from the Mindviewers platform in cash and airtime but some days ago, the administrators of Mindviewers decided to put to a stop the referral program that was rewarding referrers with N200 at first and later N150. But luckily for everyone, the termination of the referral program didn’t end the means of earning from the platform, instead it opened new ways for even people who have no one to refer.

In today’s article, I am going to be showing us the two major ways of earning some money from Mindviewers platform. ‘The earnings from the platform won’t change your life but it will certainly hold body’. It’s basically passive income that you can use in purchasing some minor things alongside your main hustle. Without wasting much time, below are some ways of earning money from Mindviewers platform besides the now-scrapped referral program.

Ways Of Earning Some Money From Mindviewers Platform Without Referring

Mindviewers new money making options

First of all, you can earn via sponsored post or paid tasks. The paid task feature is not always available but like it sounds, when a paid task is available, it simply means that users of Mindviewers will be required to do some tasks and after doing the tasks, they get rewarded with either airtime or cash based on how hectic the task is. I have earned twice from the Mindviewers paid task program and many of us are unaware of the feature, so this article must have served as an eye opener in that regard.

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Secondly, as the referral program was scrapped, Mindviewers introduced a group game that aims at rewarding users with free money when they get the most engagements or let’s say reactions on their posts in the paid groups. There are different categories, some require users to post about their Saturday owambe pics, while some require you to motivate people on designated days and win free cash prize if your posts gets the most likes.

Mindviewers group games for free money

If you get the most likes, you get paid by the end of the day. So you can even earn daily income from the group games if you have a large fan base on the app that are willing to support you. At the moment, it is not competitive at all, you can leverage on that to make some cool cash from the group competition before it becomes very competitive. But don’t go creating fake accts to like your posts or pictures, the admins may decide to deny your payment.

Thanks! Happy earning!

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