How to Earn N30k Monthly As A Mintyn Bank Broker

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Mintyn Bank Broker

Did you know you could earn 30,000 naira simply from being a Mintyn Bank Broker? This is the era of digital banking and as such, we have witnessed the rise of numerous banks that are solely based online though they are officially regulated and licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. The increase in digital banks have made it easy for literally everyone to have an account and mintyn is one of the digital banks that has been around for quite a number of years.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the interesting features of mintyn bank alongside how to earn 30,000 naira monthly simply by completing some simple tasks as a broker or merchant. Like I mentioned in my telegram channel, it requires a level of hard work since it’s a work and note that you earn way more than 30k if you are able to meet the set limit. Without wasting more time, let’s start with getting to know more about mintyn bank and the benefits of using the bank.

About Mintyn Bank

Mintyn is a selfservice platform developed for customers to carry out a range of digital and mobile banking transactions. It is a Fintech application that offers customers benefits such as convenience, speed, online real-time access and options to initiate basic service requests without having to visit or queue up in the banking hall.

The bank also provides users with loan services and interesting investment opportunities with very high interest rate for users who intend to save or obtain loans. Below are some of the features of mintyn bank that may interest you;

Features of Mintyn Bank

  •  Fund Account — Make seamless instant payments into your account via Paystack, or send direct from your existing bank account.
  •  Saving Goals — Create up to 5 saving goals for different purposes – rent, car, family, holiday, business, etc. Fund your goals with any amount you like, and as often as you like – daily, weekly, monthly. Earn competitive interest rates on different tiers, depending on how much you save.
  • Instant Transfers – Send instant payments to any account in Nigeria. Transfers on mintyn are free regardless of the bank you’re transferring money to.
  •  Money Manager – Tag your expenses according to the most common categories, and see real views of how and where you spend monthly.
  • Pay Bills – You can pay for most common bill categories, and enjoy zero transaction fees on most billers.
  •  Email, Push, and SMS notifications keep you aware of all account activity, in real-time.
  •  Have full control of your account limits, spending limits, daily limits, and more inside your app directly.

When it comes to security, deposits are protected and secured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) meaning that your money is completely safe and secure and as such, there is literally no chance that you will lose your money.

Secondly, your data is secured according to Nigerian data protection requirements. So no third party can access your information on the app. It works in similar way as many other Fintech applications, the only difference is that Mintyn has numerous banking features that should interest a random user.

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Having examined some of the details about mintyn, the next step would be explaining how to earn money as a broker on mintyn. You can earn 30,000 naira on a monthly basis and even more including option to get retained as a promoter. So there is alot to gain.

How to Become A Mintyn Bank Broker

How to become a Mintyn Bank Broker

  • First of all, you need to download Mintyn App from Google Play store or Apple Store depending on your device OS.
  • After downloading Mintyn Bank, sign up with your BVN; this is compulsory since you are dealing with a financial institution thus there is no room for falsehood or fake accounts.
  • As you are signing up, you will be asked to enter a referral code – make sure you enter this code because failure to do so means you won’t be upgraded to a merchant or broker – GRR38053 copy the code as it is and paste.
  • When you are done registering, proceed to message me on WhatsApp for the contact of the administrator handling upgrading users to brokers.

Note that if you didn’t register with the code, don’t bother messaging me on WhatsApp for the contact of the admin. There are lots of benefits to derive from being a mintyn broker which includes earning on a monthly basis like every other worker and being in control of your revenue.

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