How to Earn Unlimitedly From Binance Funbox Game

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Free unlimited cash on Funbox game

Are you aware that you can earn Unlimitedly from Binance Funbox game? Funbox is a game of luck that involves opening mystery boxes for which one of the boxes contains a form of explosive that cuts the money you staked to play the game. You don’t just play the game like that, you are required to stake some of your own revenue from $0.01 and above.

In Funbox game, the higher you stake or risk to play the game, the higher revenue you earn from unlocking the boxes. It’s a highly profitable game if luck is on your side and the most interesting part is that, it is super legit.

All it takes is, invest what you can afford to lose starting from 0.01 USDT and above and then earn but if you are unlucky to open the wrong box i.e. the box that contains the explosive, you lose the money you used in playing.

How to Earn Unlimited Cash With Binance Funbox Game

✅ First of all, you need to sign up for the Funbox game and then go back to your Binance app and get your Binance ID number and your Pay ID. This stands as a your withdrawal address and your identity on the platform.

Transferring money to Funbox Wallet

✅ Secondly, you open your Binance App, switch to the pro version and locate the send option, make sure you have some USDT in your wallet and then select Pay ID as a way of transferring the money, use Funbox’s pay ID as the recipient and then send any amount you wish to play with.

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Note, you mustn’t play with all the monies at once. Before funding your wallet on Funbox, you must have entered your Binance ID and Pay ID on the platform.

✅ After funding the wallet with the desired amount you intend playing with. It should reflect after 10-15 minutes and then you go back to the Funbox game, select the amount you intend staking with and start making money. If you open the wrong box, you lose the staked amount, not all the money in your wallet.

You can decide to fund $5 and stake 0.01 per session, though your earnings will be much lower, it also saves you from losing everything you intend playing with. It’s just like betting but just faster and more enjoyable.

If you are very lucky and tactical, you can earn as much as $50 with the 5 dollar initial funding.

How to Withdraw Money From Funbox Game

Withdrawal method on Funbox

Once you have gotten the amount you want with your initial deposit, you now click on the wallet icon where your balance is shown and select the amount you want to withdraw. Minimum amount is $5 and it will be sent to your usdt wallet immediately.

Below are video guides on how to go about the registration, incase you are still confused about anything. Feel free to share and also join our telegram and WhatsApp group for more direct updates.

>>> How to Get Binance ID and Binance Pay ID

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