How to Easily Protect Your WhatsApp Account From Hackers

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WhatsApp Two-Step step verification

Hacking, Cracking and many other terms pointing to unauthorised access to a person’s WhatsApp account has become a thing in today’s world with the invent of many applications and tools. Some people now lose their social medium account be it whatsApp or facebook without even giving out sensitive information about their accounts like otp, password and login details.

Something surprising happened to me some days ago while I was enjoying my seamless messaging on WhatsApp, I received a notification from WhatsApp that code i.e otp has been requested for my WhatsApp account on another device, I ignored this because I was with the main sim and in my mind, there was no way for the hacker to gain access without entering the OTP sent to my number.

But to my greatest amazement, I was suddenly logged out of my WhatsApp account by the hacker. How the criminal gained access to my account, I cant explain till date but my only saving grace was the fact that, I had two-step verification actively set up on my account.

Many people have come across the two-step verification feature but unaware of the importance, so in this piece, we are going to examine the importance of the feature and how to set it up on your WhatsApp account.

What is WhatsApp Two-Step Verification?

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification as the name implies has to do with a form of two layer security on WhatsApp accounts. It serves a double layer of security incase there is an unauthorised login to your account, the person or persons will be asked to enter a different pin for which, if they are unable to enter it, they won’t gain access to any detail on your account.

It was set up by WhatsApp for the purpose of further securing chats and information on their user’s accounts and luckily for us, it can also protect us from the ravaging hacking activity going on in recent times. So below are steps on how to set up the two-step verification on your WhatsApp and protect you from scammers who go about cracking accounts for illegal purposes.

How to Protect Your WhatsApp Account Easily From Hackers

🔰 First of all, login to your WhatsApp account, GOTO settings and then on the settings page, click on Two Step verification.

How to easily protect WhatsApp acct from hackers

🔰 When you click on two-step verification, you would be asked to enter a 6-digit pin. Enter something you can easily remember, but let it not be simple; I mean it’s a security thing, the code should be known only to you and not something hackers can guess easily.

🔰After setting it up, enter your personal email address for the purpose of recovery, when you forget the password, you can easily regain access to your account.

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That’s all! With the WhatsApp Two-Step Verification set up, if someone hacks your WhatsApp account, it would be an exercise in futility since he or she won’t be able to access anything till you login again.

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