Easily Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories (Photos & Videos)

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Recover deleted Snapchat Memories

Ever deleted a memorable photo or video from your snapchat account and would love to have it back? There is an easy way to regain your snapchat account history which includes the photos, videos and all conversations that has ever taken place on your snap chat account.

In actuality, there are various ways of recovering deleted Snapchat Memories, but for the sake of those with little to no knowledge of technology and internet related activities, we are going to have a look at the easiest method which also happens to be the fastest method. Just relax and read this post to gain an important information as a ‘snapchatter‘.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories

1. Launch/open the Snapchat app and sign in to your account and click on the profile icon by the top right corner, then tap on settings.

Snapchat account data

2. On the settings page, scroll down to where you will see, ‘My Data‘ under the privacy option. Click on it and you will be taken to a new page to sign into your snapchat account.

This step is to ensure the right owner of the account is about to request for account data. Login to your snapchat account to see the data available in-app and the ones available for download.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories

Scroll down to the bottom page and reconfirm your email, you can also select the date of the data you intend downloading.

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Then submit request and your snapchat full account data for the time range selected will be forwarded to your mail within 24 hours. It usually arrives in less than 30 minutes but the total turnaround time is 24 hours.

How to Access The Snapchat Memories After Retrieving Data

Easily get back Snapchat account history

Now to access the data when it is forwarded to your email. Just follow the instructions below to access your snapchat memories;

  • Click on the link on the mail and click on the ‘mydata ~~xxxx zip‘ file showing.
  • The file will be automatically downloaded to your device. Open the file and extract the file to unzip it.
  • Open the HTML folder and locate the memories_history.html to access all your memories both in photo and video format by clicking on the links upon opening the html with a web browser.

That’s the easiest way to recover your snapchat memories and account history in both photo and video format. Enjoy and feel free to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel.

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