How to Easily Save Facebook Stories Of Your Choice

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Are you aware you can easily save Facebook Stories without having to ask the person that posted the story for it? Instead of missing out on the interesting videos some of your friends post on their stories, why not find out how to save these videos by yourself without asking for anybody’s permission?;

In this blog post, we are going to be finding out how to easily save Facebook Stories without asking the poster for it. Ever since WhatsApp story came up, numerous applications have been developed for the purpose of saving the status updates seamlessly, this can also be done on Facebook.

Requirements Needed to Save Stories On Facebook

1. An android device

2. Your Facebook Account of course and also ensure the story is still on the person’s account.

3. The Facebook story downloader application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store

4. Ability to read and understand.

How to Save Facebook Stories Easily

Facebook story downloader app

Launch the Facebook story downloader mobile application downloaded from the above link.

Since the Facebook didn’t provide an option from users to copy the link of the stories posted by friends. What you can do is to login to your account via the Application.

You have nothing to worry about, just click on the login button and you will be directed to a Facebook page to sign into your account. Enter your account details and wait for some minutes to verification.

Upon verification, the status updates or stories of your face book friends will appear in the app for you to either download or watch them. Click on the story that most pleases you and tap on the bold download button beneath and the video or image will be saved in your gallery instantly.

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There is also an added feature on the Facebook story downloader application, which is option to view the status of your friends anonymously or secretly. This is similar to what some mod WhatsApp users enjoy but it’s a paid service on the app, so if you are ready to spend some bucks, simply toggle the switch to enable the feature.

That’s it! Anytime your friend uploads a story you like, all you have to do is open the app and save the story to your phone. No need messaging the person for it.

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