How to Get $10 On Binary Guardian Free

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Binary Guardian is a crypto trading website that users can register and make money when they correctly predict the rise or fall of crypto assets on the platform for a stipulated time. If you predict that a cryptocurrency will fall within a certain time and it happens just as predicted, you would be rewarded with extra money on top of the deposit you staked on the platform.

As a new platform in order to encourage new users to join, binary Guardian is giving away free $10 USDT and $20 trading points making up a whopping $30 which can be withdrawn and the rest used to place trades. Now the good thing is that, you can withdraw the $10 Usdt out of the total amount given to new users on the platform and in this article, we are going to be finding out more about binary Guardian and how to secure this $10 bonus and also way to withdraw it as the website is quite complex to newbies. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

About Binary Guardian

Binary Guardian as stated in the first paragraph is a crypto trading website that was launched for the purpose of giving users a chance to earn some money from predicting the fall or rise within a particular time frame. It’s an interesting website very similar to one some of us participated in some days ago (Drisk).

How to Earn $10 On Binary Guardian

Binary Guardian free $10 bonus

Binary Guardian is giving away the $30 bonus(10 USDT withdrawable and the $20 for trading) to only 5,000 first users of the platform so it’s quite limited and as such, you should rush this and complete the steps as soon as possible. Just follow the instructions below to get started;

  • Sign up on Binary Guardian official website
  • Fill the registration form and enter your active email, an otp will be sent to your registered email to confirm ownership. After which, you will be able to log into your account.
  • Immediately you login, click on the three lines at the top left corner and tap on profile > then scroll down to where you will see KYC. On this page, you will be asked to submit a government approved identity card. I believe we all know what a government issued ID means but below are the acceptable ones;
  • NIN slip, premium NIN or the National Identity Card.
  • Voters card – personally that’s what I used to complete registration.
  • International passport should also go
  • NYSC ID card
  • Driver’s license.
  • If you have all the documents simply proceed to submit your official name as it is on the ID and then a photo of the front part of the ID including a picture of you holding the ID card beside your face.
  • Submit the ID and wait for an hour or two for verification. Upon verification, a page will be shown to you asking you how you got to know about binary Guardian.

While filling the short form, simply do it in the same format as the one below;

How to get $10 on Binary Guardian trading website

After that, you will be given the $10 bonus and the $20 trading points. The next step would be to withdraw the money to your third party crypto wallet.

How to Withdraw the $10 Bonus

How to withdraw $10 welcome bonus on binary Guardian

On your dashboard, click on the top corner to see the list of options again, then select Assets, you will see all the bonuses you have, click on Withdraw and select the network either Bep20 or trc20 and paste the Usdt address, enter amount and submit the withdrawal. They charge $3, so you should be expecting $7 Usdt in your balance.

How to get $10 on Binary Guardian free

It takes just a few minutes for the money to arrive in your wallet! That’s all! Simply follow the steps carefully to get the free $10 from Binary Guardian trading website. Enjoy and do well to join our telegram channel and group for more money making updates.

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