How to Get 20 Usdt Using Binary Guardian 30 TP

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Binary Guardian recently announced a new promotion aimed at encouraging new users to register and test how trading works on the platform by giving them access to the $63 trial plan with just 30 trading points. What this means you don’t have to deposit any amount to earn money on binary Guardian as long as you have the welcome bonus of 30 trading points.

This promo commenced some weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been getting messages like, how do I trade on binary Guardian? I have gotten the 30 TP on binary Guardian but can’t trade etc. So in this article we are going to have a look at how to earn up to 20 USDT on binary Guardian by trading with the 30 TP welcome bonus. There will no beating about the bush, we will start how to trade on binary Guardian, it’s a manual process so there is need to understand it properly.

How to Trade With The 30 TP on Binary Guardian

How to get 30 tp on binary guardian

First of all, getting the 30 TP just involves signing up on Binary Guardian and completing your KYC with a front facing image of your identity card such as NIN ID card both plastic and slip or your voter’s card.

For a detailed guide on how to complete KYC verification on Binary Guardian, simply check out our previous article on How to earn $10 Usdt on Binary Guardian 

After you’re done with the verification, you will be given 30 trading points upon verification by the administrator and then you would be able to make money on the platform. Prior to the commencement of the binary Guardian trial package giveaway, the only way to earn is if you are lucky to receive the 10 USDT welcome bonus then but now you can trade with the TP.

To trade with the 30 TP on binary Guardian, simply follow the steps below strictly; it’s very easy but can be confusing if you do it hastily.

How to purchase trial package on Binary Guardian

When you are given the trading points, click on the three lines at the top left corner to see the menu options, click on Contract.

How to get 20 Usdt by trading on Binary Guardian

Then you will be shown some packages to subscribe for, if you are early enough, you will see the trial package, just subscribe to it with your 30 trading points.

While purchasing the plan, you will be asked to enter a pin, enter the default pin: 123456. Then proceed to trade and locate the “Insured Trade”

How to trade with Binary Guardian 30 tp

On the insured trade page, select either Odd or Even. Then if you win, all you need is 1 win for you to get $0.6 for the day.

You don’t have to wait for a new day to place another trade, just come back every 5pm as that is when a new day starts on binary Guardian and repeat the trade, by clicking on Trade > insured trade > then select either Odd or even and when you win, the bonus will be added to your balance.

Binary Guardian free 20 Usdt

Repeat the steps for 10-11 days until you’ve earned up to $6 and above. The minimum withdrawal is $5 but it’s advisable to withdraw at least $6 because you will be charged $3 which means you will be paid $3 if you withdraw your balance when it’s upto $6.

That’s all you need to know about trading the 30 TP on binary Guardian. But you can’t accumulate more money if you are able to create new accounts on the platform.

How to Earn Upto 20 USDT on Binary Guardian

Binary Guardian payment proof

Simply create many accounts maybe for yourself and relations and then get the accounts verified and use the trading points to purchase the trial package as instructed in this article.

Repeat the trade on all the accounts you created for 10 or 11 days which is the max and place withdrawal from all accounts. You can use busha to generate many Usdt addresses, Incase you don’t know how to do that, here is our old article on How to Create Many Usdt addresses on Busha.

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