How to Get Airtel 250mb for 50 Naira & 500mb for 100 Naira

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Did you know there is a way to get Airtel 250mb for 50 naira and 500mb for 100 naira? Airtel is undoubtedly one of the leading telecommunication networks out there with a whopping number of subscribers and also with interesting packages both via voice and data for her subscribers. But then, there is a way to check for special data offers on airtel to the extent to activating 250mb for just 50 naira.

In this article we are going to have a look at how to get Airtel 250mb for 50 naira and 500mb for 100 naira. The fun part is if you are lucky enough, you may also be eligible for the 1gb for 200 naira data plan that is valid for a week.

About Airtel Special Offer

Airtel special data offer

The Airtel special offer is one of the interesting services on the network that gives users the chance to enjoy more voice time and data with less amount. Airtel special offer is more like a personal rather than general offer and as such, every sim or line has a particular offer(s) available for it. So the offer available for your friend may not be available to your line.

All you have to do is to dial the code as the special Airtel offer is dependent on how active the line is. The more active your line is, the less chances of you being given a mouth watering special offer but this can sometimes not be the case thus the reason why you should consider trying it.

I picked up my airtel sim some days ago to check the special offer available for my line only for me to see that I’m eligible for 250mb for 50 naira, 500mb for 100 naira and 1gb doe 200 naira on my Airtel line! It actually blew my mind because such offers are rare to come by on the network and as such, anyone who has an airtel sim whether active or not should immediately check for the special offers available for his or her line.

How to Activate Airtel 250mb for 50 Naira and 500mb for 100 Naira

  • To activate the Airtel 250mb for just 50 naira and 500mb for 100 naira, you need to dial *141# on the page, you will see My Special Offer, simply select it and then select Data Offer.
  • Select data offer if you would like to see the interesting data offers available for your line and then you will be shown a list of data offers available to your Airtel line.
  • For most other lines I’ve checked, the special offer gives users double data offer or in some cases, very special data offer such as the one stated in this article.

Trick For Airtel 250mb for 50 Naira, 500mb for 100 Naira & 1gb for 200 Naira

Airtel 250mb for 50 naira and 500mb for 100 naira plans

There is no trick for these cheap Data offers other than dialing the aforementioned code. If your sim is eligible for the data offer in the Special offer options, then you are good to go.

But if you are eligible for other affordable or interesting data offers, you can also go for them pending when these mouth watering data offers would be made available to your line. Personally, I’ve noticed that getting the special data plans are easier on inactive lines.

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I don’t mean you should keep your airtel line inactive as that could also lead to disconnection. I mean reducing your data purchases for a while. My Airtel line that’s eligible for the 250mb for 50 naira and the rest is a line I’ve not been using for months. My main Airtel line is not eligible for the offer instead it was given some other random but interesting data offers.

So just try your luck and also endeavor to join our telegram channel and group for more updates.

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