How to Get Facebook Black Verification Badge

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Have you been searching for how to get the Facebook black verification badge and perhaps not making a headway in your search? Worry no more, In this article you will find out the steps to take in order to get the verification badge beside your name on Facebook lite without having to spend a dime.

The Facebook lite black verification badge is a thing for most people because it adds a form of credibility to a person’s profile and since everyone wants to feel special, it has become a major search topic for most people. So without wasting much of your time, we will be driving into the main topic of discourse fully which is how you can get this verification badge or tick beside your name for free.

About Facebook Verification Badge

Under normal circumstances, the verification badge being issued by meta to some users is either paid or only assigned to verified individuals such as notable figures, celebrities, political office holders and much more.

This is usually to prevent scammers from perpetrating fraud on innocent individuals with the profile of these notable figures. So the verification badge serves as a way of differentiating between the original account and the fake account. It is for this reason that Facebook team frowns at users who find ways to fix some extra stuff beside their names as it can send the wrong signal to users about their authenticity especially if the person wants to do fraud with the verification badge.

Requirements For Facebook Black Verification Badge

How to get Facebook black verification badge

  • Download Via Browser from either Play Store or App Store Depending on your device OS.
  • Facebook lite app because the verification badge is only visible to users on the lite version of Facebook.
  • The JavaScript which you will get at the latter parts of this article and finally, the ability to read and follow simple instructions.

How to Get Facebook Black Verification Badge For Free

  • Firstly, you need to copy the JavaScript and make some slight modification in the name. You have to change the existing name on the script to your own full name as it appears on your Facebook profile. If you have a middle name, the verification badge trick won’t work. Below is the JavaScript;
  • Download the File and open with your document viewer via HERE. (there is an icon beside the full name before the ” quotation mark, don’t remove it. Just add your full name as it is on your Facebook profile)
  • Now open the Facebook page using Via browser and login to your account. Click on the three lines at the top right corner and click on settings & privacy.

Facebook settings and privacy

  • On the settings and privacy, you will see the option to access the account centre where you will find personal details, name and profile information. Click on the account centre, proceed to your profile, select name as though you wish to change somethings or edit your Facebook display name.

Facebook black verification badge free

  • While on this page, copy the whole JavaScript i.e. the one you have modified and added your Facebook full name and paste it on the address bar and load. It will not load the first two to three times, keep pasting and reloading till a middle name adds to your Facebook names. When this happens, go back to your profile and reload.
  • Then you will see the black verification badge beside your Facebook name.

What You Should Know About Facebook Black Verification Badge

  1. It is illegal and heavily frowned upon by Meta. So setting it up puts your account at risk of suspension especially if you start using it for fraudulent activities.
  2. It is free and instant as long as you follow the steps judiciously. If you are lost at any point, consider watching the video HERE to know how to set it up easily incase you’re lost.

This particular Facebook black verification trick has been trending for sometime and some dubious individuals have even monetized it by selling the activation process to people who don’t have a clue but wish to have such verification badge added to their display names.

So follow the steps on this article to get it done and feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making and tech updates that concern you directly.

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