How to Get Free $2 Usdt On Vnwss Reverse Betting

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Vnwss is a reverse betting website where users are required to predict the opposite of the real time match. As against the operation of a normal betting site, in an anti-score or reverse betting website, you are counted to have won a prediction when you successfully predict the opposite of a match.

Vnwss is a newly launched online earning platform that works with the anti-score method. The good news is that, upon registering, Vnwss will give you an instant 100vusd bonus which can be used to play at least 10 games correctly in order for you to earn the $2 free Usdt.

About Vnwss Reverse Betting Platform

Vnwss is a newly launched online earning platform that works with the reverse betting method. Users are to play the exact opposite of the real-time match and when their prediction enters, they get rewarded with some extra bonus that can be withdrawn directly to your crypto wallet.

There are some requirements you need to complete before your 100 vusd bonus get converted to the withdrawable $2 Usdt.

How to Get Started On Vnwss Reverse Betting

  • Simply click on Vnwss official page to sign up. You must use a valid email address as otp will be sent to the email address to verify ownership.
  • The registration process is very brief and easy, all you need to do is submit your otp and the account will be verified. After that, proceed with the KYC verification.


Vnwss account verification requirements

1. You need to get in 10 different matches which must be done within 2 days after registration otherwise it will be counted as invalid.

2. Make a total income of 10 vusd form the initial 100vusd bonus. You can make this income after playing the games successfully.

 How to Verify Your Vnwss Account

There is a KYC requirement on vnwss and you’re required to submit your plastic ID card alongside your own image and photo of the ID Card.

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It’s a somewhat stressful process you should embark on after attaining the requirements needed for withdrawal or getting the $2 bonus.

To submit your KYC information, simply click on the tick icon beside your profile as shown in the screenshot below;

How to complete Vnwss account verification

The KYC verification takes approximately 24 hours to be fully verified and then you will be able to withdraw your bonus.

How to Predict Matches and Earn $2 Usdt On Vnwss Platform

How to predict on Vnwss reverse betting

To play games, simply login to your account and proceed to “anti-score“, then scroll through the available games and stake.

It is important to know that the % shown on all the games means the return on wager amount if the game predicted is correctly won.

The higher %, the higher the risk of playing the said game. Just play 10 games correctly to get the $2 Usdt and then proceed to place withdrawal.

How to Withdraw $2 Usdt On Vnwss

Vnwss $2 Usdt

Once you’ve accumulated the said $2 and done your profile verification, click on the withdraw button and proceed to withdraw your bonus.

Like I said, you will be charged $0.50, so you should be expecting $1.5 credited to your wallet after everything’s concluded.

Vnwss Review – Is Vnwss Legit?

Vnwss is legit at the time of publishing this article as users can make the first $2 bonus without depositing any money. This is unlike many other online earning platform and it’s a good sign.

At the moment therefore, vnwss is legit and paying! After completing the requirements, you will be free to withdraw $2 Usdt with the exclusion of the $0.50 charge.

Green Flags Of Vnwss

  • The first green flag or go-ahead of the vnwss is the fact that users can make money without depositing.
  • Secondly, it a reverse betting website thus the chances of losing your prediction is pretty slow unless there is Satan or village people at the back of your head. Lol
  • The minimum withdrawal is just $1 and the minimum deposit is $1 which means the administrators are not really after scamming people of their huge monies. You can deposit whatever you can afford and start playing.

Red Flags of Vnwss

  • KYC takes a long time to be approved due to the number of people that are pending at the time. You may have to wait 24-48 hours before your KYC will be approved and only go for KYC approval after you have earned the $2 Usdt.
  • Payment is not instant! In as much as it is legit and confirmed to be paying at the moment, the payment is not instant. You will wait for a couple of hours before your withdrawal will be credited to your wallet.
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