How to Get Free 2,000 Naira Bonus On Dole App

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Did you know you could get free 2,000 Naira bonus on dole application simply by participating in their referral program? Dole is a payment application that makes it easy for people to send and request money automatically.

They recently introduced a referral campaign that rewards users with free 2,000 naira when they refer just 3 friends to sign up and complete verification with their Identity cards. This means, you have an opportunity to earn money on the dole app and it appears the maximum number of referrals any user can get is 3. But before we get down to how you can go about earning the bonus, let’s see some of the details about the dole app and the features of using the app for your day-to-day activities.

How Does Dole App Work?

How does dole referral program work?

Dole provides users with a platform for them to easily send and request for money internationally. This doesn’t mean that the app is just meant for international transactions, you can also perform your day-to-day domestic transactions on dole conveniently with just few keypad taps and you receive money directly to your account.

Features Of Dole App

  1. SECURE: Our first-rate technology and encryption algorithms ensure your data is safe and so are your funds. Securely manage your wallet on the Dole and transfer to beneficiaries anytime on our platform.
  2.  FAST: Sign up and make your first transaction in minutes. Instantly send and receive money from friends. Transfer money from Dole to an external bank account instantly. Use your Dole account to request money from friends and loved ones.
  3.  FREE: Send and receive money at no cost.
  4. SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY INSTANTLY Receive, request, and send money from friends and family instantly with only a few taps. Dole is the easy way to pay a friend back for dinner or request money from a family member when you need them the most.

 How to Create An Account On Dole App

  • Download and sign up on dole in a matter of few minutes. The sign up process is not just simple but swift and when you are done, you can start using the app instantly.
  • While signing up, ensure you paste this code in the referral column – GO2D-UJN4 after which you submit and complete verification on the app. The verification involves either your NIN Slip, voter’s card, international passport, driver’s license etc. Anyone you have can be used yo complete verification before your account will be counted as valid. Below is a screenshot of some of the documents you can go for.

How to complete dole app kyc

How to Get Free 2,000 Naira Bonus On Dole App Refer and Earn

Dole app refer and earn

  • When you are done signing up, you will see the option to refer and earn on your dashboard with the referral code showing. Copy your referral code and start sharing to friends and family members and for every 3 people you refer, you will instantly be rewarded with 2000 naira that can be withdrawn to your local bank account.
  • Some people are saying the max number of referrals are 3 but I have not yet confirmed that, you can try referring more after you’ve gotten the initial bonus, let’s see if it can work.

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