How to Get Free 20k Airtime On MTN

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MTN free 20k airtime bonus for Linking NIN

MTN is giving away 20k airtime to customers on the network who meet or fulfill certain requirements. As we all know, earlier this year, there was an announcement from the federal government asking all network users to link their National Identification Numbers to their mobile SIM networks.

Regardless of the announcement, many Nigerians are still yet to do so despite how many times they had to extend it all in the bid to give users the opportunity to do the needful. The hesitation of customers to link their NIN to the lines led to the introduction of bonuses to entice users. MTN had previously launched the NIN incentive promo giving users who link their NIN free 10,000 Naira airtime but to entice more users they recently increased the bonus to 20,000 Naira.

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This means that if you have not yet linked your NIN to your line, doing so now will fetch you a whopping 20k airtime bonus to call all friends and family members. Just some days ago, MTN banned millions of subscribers who’ve not linked their NIN from the network, so make sure you link yours whether or not you were affected.

What’s the Essence Of the 20k Airtime Giveaway From MTN?

The MTN 20,000 naira airtime giveaway is a sort of incentive set up by the network to woo people or better put convince people who are yet to link their National Identity Number to their lines to do so. Imagine an average Nigerian who is being stubborn or refusing to link his or her NIN to the line hearing that the network is giving away 20,000 naira airtime for customers who do so? That’s mind blowing and irresistible to say the least.

It is for this reason that the offer was introduced by MTN and many other networks have also followed the lead by introducing various bonuses for customers who have not yet linked their NIN. If you had been adamant about linking your NIN, this is the best and most rewarding chance you have to do it. Follow the steps below to link the NIN to your MTN line in order to get the free airtime;

How to Get the Free 20k Airtime on Your MTN Line

  • Dial *785*Your NIN# on your MTN line to submit your National Identification Number. The NIN can be found on your temporary NIN slip, just copy it out and dial the code to link it.
  • You will receive a message informing you that you can now access the bonus airtime immediately it gets linked
  • To check the balance or confirm if you have gotten the 20,000 Naira airtime, simply dial *556# or *559*4#
  • The promo is open to all MTN subscribers who are yet to link their NIN. If you have already been blocked, you can still partake by dialing the code with your NIN to get the bonus.

What Can The 20k MTN Airtime Be Used For?

The airtime giveaway can only be used for calls to people who are using MTN and other networks. You can’t use the airtime bonus to use neither can you use it like a normal airtime. So it’s just for people who are big on phone calls and wouldn’t mind calling and being on the phone all day.

There is limitation in this regard but it doesn’t mean users should not link their NIN. Since it’s a free offer from the network for you to do what you will eventually do no matter how you run away from it, why not capitalize now that it has been incentivized?

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