How to Get Free 500 Naira On Quidax Crypto Trading Platform

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Do you know that you can get free 500 Naira and even more on Quidax Crypto platform? Quidax might sound like a new name in the crypto exchange space but it’s been around for sometime and according to sources, it has millions of users in Nigeria. It is a crypto trading or exchange platform that makes selling, receiving and storing bitcoin and many other crypto coins very easy and smooth.

According to, Quidax is the first Nigerian crypto exchange platform to be listed on Coinmarket Cap and as such, it is credible to a very good extent. But in order not to bore you with much details about the platform, I am going to be emphasizing on how you can get free N500 from the platform, simply by signing up with a referral username, purchasing crypto coin of your choice and selling or exchanging the coin on the platform.

Quidax and Don Jazzy The Brand Ambassador

In my own opinion, the brain behind the registration and referral bonus is to make people have a taste of how seamless it is to trade and exchange crypto on the platform. Without beating about the bush further, below are step-by-step procedures on how to get your own share of the welcome and referral bonus. There is a possibility for you to earn over 500 but you will get to know in the coming paragraphs.

How to Get Free 500 Naira  Instantly From Quidax

Quidax free 500 Naira

✅ Firstly, you need to download Quidax Application from Google Playstore or you can also search for it on Apple Store if you are not an android user.

✅ Launch and proceed to the sign up process, fill your name and some of your valid details. While signing up, you will be asked to enter a referral username (this is optional) but since you got to know about the platform from my website, you can use Qerickssondgreat as the username that referred you. This is actually Compulsory not for trading on the platform but getting the registration bonus.

✅ Once you are done with registration, the next step is verifying your identity with either NIN slip, voter’s card, NIN ID card; the plastic version, Digital NIN Slip etc. To get verified, you just have to snap your face and also snap the document you intend using for verification. In my case, I used NIN slip and the verification was smooth and swift.

✅ After verifying your account with either of the aforementioned documents, you have to wait for 30-1 hour for verification, immediately that happens, you will get a mail.

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Then you proceed to adding money or funding your wallet with At least 500 Naira plus the 100 extra charge making it 600 Naira. Simply click on wallets and then you select Nigerian Naira and fund your wallet through transfer, make sure you don’t include any description like Crypto, bitcoin or any words that may earmark you for suspension from your financial institution.

✅ When you are done funding the wallet, simply purchase any coin of your choice with the N500, in my case again, I purchased Tron and immediately after purchasing the coin, you will be credited with N500 extra for using a referral username.

✅ That’s all, you can now trade the coin you purchased if you so wish to get around 1,000 Naira which can be withdrawn instantly. Simply click on wallet and then on your Naira wallet and set up 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator app and then withdraw your money.

How to Accumulate More Money On Quidax Crypto Exchange Platform

Quidax referral program

If you want to earn more money, simply copy your username and send to friends after convincing them to join the platform and for every friend that registers with your username and also fulfills the above conditions, you get 500 Naira instantly and your friend earns 500 as well.

So nobody loses in the game! Happy earning!

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