How to Get Free 5gb Daily On Airtel Using Smartcash PSB

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Are you aware you can get free 5gb daily on Airtel line? Smartcash PSB is running a free data promo for Airtel users who fund their bank accounts with money. You can get free 5gb data daily when you complete the required transactions.

Smartcash is Airtel’s payment service bank and for a while they have been running promotions to lure in users to use the banking service. The recent data promo launched by the bank seems to be one of a kind. In this article, we will be having a look at how to get free 5gb data daily on Airtel using smartcash app. Before that though, let’s have a look at some of the features of smartcash.

About Smartcash PSB

Smartcash is a payment service bank that is fully registered in Nigeria and has been in operation for some years now. They offer some important services that is common amongst fintech, the only difference is the increased preference and promotions that are applicable to Airtel users. Smartcash PSB provides a smart and secure way to Send money, Pay bills, Recharge and also buy data.

The features of the smartcash app is not distinct from the features available on many other payment or fintech applications.

Below are some of the features or things you should be expecting when using smartcash PSB; 

1. Transfer Money instantly to any mobile number or Bank accounts.

2. Recharge or Buy Data for you and your loved ones.

3. Pay Electric, Water, Cable TV, Solar, Transport, Postpaid Bills & much more at the convenience of your home.

Scan & Pay at merchant outlets.

4. Manage more than one account through one app.

& do your transactions Securely.

Add your transactions as Favorites for quick checkouts.

Now that we have read some of the basic things about smartcash PSB, let’s get down to the current, ongoing data promo the bank is running for all Airtel users.

How to Get Free 5gb Daily on Airtel Using Smartcash PSB

Free 5gb daily on Airtel via Smartcash PSB

1. Download Smartcash PSB from either Play store or app store depending on your device OS.

2. After downloading, create an account with your details. The interesting part is, you don’t need BVN or any sensitive detail, just enter your Airtel phone number and submit. An OTP will be sent to your line and then your account will be created.

3. Upon completion of account registration, you will see option to add money, click on it and deposit any amount starting from 5,000 naira. When you deposit 5k, you will be given free 1gb instantly.

Note, that the money can be withdrawn seamlessly, smartcash is a bank and not a Ponzi scheme and this promotion is from the Airtel network.

4. The data you receive is dependent on the amount added to your smartcash wallet. So if you want to get the complete 5gb for the day, simply send 50,000 naira to your smartcash wallet.

To send money to your smartcash wallet, copy your Airtel phone number used in creating the smartcash and send money to it without adding the initial 0. It should bring up your name when you select Airtel smartcash as bank using any bank app.

How Long Does Airtel Free 5gb Last?

Airtel smartcash 5gb daily promo

The data gotten expires in 24 hours and you can get another 5gb if you repeat the process. If you can’t or don’t have 50,000 naira, you can stick to sending just 5,000 naira for the 1gb or 2gb data bonus daily for as long as the promo lasts.

That’s it for the free 5gb daily data on Airtel using smartcash PSB!

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