How to Get Free USD Virtual Card In Nigeria For Online Transactions

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How to get Free dollar/USD virtual card in Nigeria

Have you been searching for where to get free USD or dollar virtual card for online transactions all to no avail? Look no further because you can now get free USD virtual card for all your online transactions in Nigeria without having to pass through the rigour associated with opening a dom account or even getting dollar debit card from banks.

The importance of having a dollar virtual debit card cannot be overemphasized because you get to transact and pay for things online without facing the restriction placed on Naira cards by CBN. Every online entrepreneur desires to have a virtual dollar card and as such, we are going to be examining the two major payment applications that are offering free USD virtual cards to users. Without wasting more time, let’s jump into the reason for writing this post.

Payment Applications That Offer Dollar/USD virtual Cards

1. Chipper Cash Application – Chipper cash is a payment application that offers free access to both USD virtual debit cards and Naira debit cards. The good thing about using chipper cash is that, you get to enjoy the current exchange rate as they are always updating based on the changing nature of the conversion rate. So unlike some apps that their dollar to Naira exchange rate is fixated and much higher than the black market rate, chipper is ever changing.

The most interesting aspect is that, you can use the USD virtual card provided by Chipper cash for all online transactions involving the use of dollar. So you wouldn’t have to battle with the Naira card limitation, just keep making payments with your virtual cards. Interestingly too, you can fund the chipper USD virtual card easily, just add money to your main chipper account and add the funds to your dollar virtual card and it will be automatically converted and added to your card balance.

2. Klasha Application is a shopping and payment application that is also offering free USD virtual card for users. It works in similar fashion as the Chipper card, all you have to do is create a Klasha account, verify with your BVN and also verify your address by submitting utility bill or bank statement indicating your home address and then you will be granted access to the USD virtual card.

These two applications are the only apps giving users access to dollar or USD virtual cards at the moment. The other reputable applications are all offering it at a token and with a starring balance that may not be so convenient for all users.

How to Get Free USD/Dollar Virtual Card From Chipper Cash And Klasha Application

1. Download and Sign up on Chipper Cash with your real details as you would have to complete KYC.

2. After completing KYC with your BVN, simply click on Cards shown on the dashboard and submit a photo of your NIN or any valid means of identification. Then wait for some hours for the identity information to be verified then you will be granted access to the virtual card. Simply activate the USD card and copy the details for all your online dollar transactions with ease.

Klasha free dollar virtual card

2. Download Klasha Application from Google Play Store and sign up with your real details. Complete KYC with BVN and NIN, then complete the tier 3 verification requirement which is submitting a means of verifying your home address and you will be given access to the dollar virtual card.

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The importance of having a dollar virtual card cannot be overemphasized like I stated earlier, so make sure you take the information in this piece seriously.

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