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Free 1.5gb data on VFD

How to Get Free MTN 1.5gb Data From VFD

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VFD is an online payment platform that can be used to make transactions and even save money like every other online payment wallet. A couple of years ago, VFD introduced a referral program that made some of us know about the application.

It is a registered application in Nigeria that operates as a bank and has even been endorsed by Nigerian celebrities including Don Jazzy. But the interesting aspect is that, they are running a new promotion that rewards MTN users with instant 1.5gb data when they upgrade their accounts to tier 3.

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This promotion started today and many people are already getting rewarded, it takes just a smartphone and ability to follow instructions. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get your own share of the free data giveaway.

How to Get Free MTN Data From VFD Bank

Free 1.5gb data on VFD

First of all, if you have not registered on VFD before, Download the VFD Application From Google Playstore and then sign up with your email and some other basic details, in the column requesting for referral code, enter – CL5TP.

Secondly, when you are done registering, click on the profile icon, and scroll down and select Upgrade Tier. As a new customer, you’d be required to upgrade from tier 1 to tier 3, on the first stage, all you need to do is enter your BVN.

VFD Bank verification

Entering your official BVN automatically upgrades you to tier 1 and then you also upgrade to tier 2 with a means of ID and a video recording of you, saying your full name.

Upgrading go tier 3 on VFD

Then finally the third tier, you just need to upload your Utility bill or any document showing your address i.e. home address. This will automatically qualify you for the 1.5gb MTN Data. The steps are not cumbersome in anyway, this is step-by-step guide might make it seem so.

After upgrading to tier 3, you will be credited with 1.5gb data as long as you registered with an MTN line.

It’s as simple as that!

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