How to Get Free MTN 900mb From Tiktok Lite

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MTN customers can now get free data when they make use of Tiktok Lite app for a period of seven days. If you are a Tiktok lover, then this will certainly interest you as they are giving away free data daily for a period of seven days if you consistently login to the application.

It works basically like a sign in bonus and you will receive free data daily for which the maximum you will receive on the seventh day of login in consistently is 900mb. Without further ado, let’s dive into how to get the free data daily from Tiktok Lite.

How to Get Upto 900mb MTN Data From Tiktok Lite

MTN free data from Tiktok Lite app

1. Download Tiktok Lite App from Google Play store or Apple store

2. Launch the Tiktok Lite app, wait for a few minutes on the app for MTN Tiktok free bundle push notification to pop up.

3. Select the first day 50mb and enter your phone number to claim. The bundle will be activated for the first day.

4. The 50mb free Tiktok Lite bundle will be used to stream videos on the Tiktok app free without having to use your main data subscription.

5. On the second and subsequent days, just keep repeating the steps in 2 and 3 to keep accumulating more data.

How Much Data You Can Get Based On Number Of Days Signed In

1. First day of sign in – 50mb MTN data will be activated

2. Second day – 200mb data

3. Third day – 250mb data will be given to you if you don’t skip a day.

4. On the fourth, fifth and sixth day – you will be given 50mb each and then on the seventh day, you will be given 900mb data if you sign in to Tiktok Lite consistently for the period of 7 days.

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So here’s your opportunity to enjoy the myriad of Tiktok videos with your MTN line without paying for it with the normal data subscription. Enjoy and feel free to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel for more updates.

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