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How to Get Free N500 Airtime, Date and Cable TV Coupon on Palmpay Using Gemstones



Palmpay is a platform that enables users to do mini online transactions like Buying airtime, Data, paying for Cable etc. The application also provides users with the ability to send money i.e. transfer money to friends conveniently without having to pay unnecessary charges.

I believe we all know about Palmpay because I have introduced the app and also discussed some of its interesting features months ago, so no need running around again. If this is your first time visiting this site, feel free to join the group by clicking the icon above and also read – How to Make N300 on Palmpay App

Today, we will be discussing a new feature on the Palmpay app that was recently launched to reward customers with bonuses per transaction concluded. This is entirely different from the Palmpoints given to us after every transaction.

This time around for every transaction done using the Palmpay app, users get Palmpoints and also “Gemstones” the gemstones are used for unlocking free N500 worth of Coupon for Data subscriptions, airtime purchases and also Cable TV subscription.

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How to Accumulate the Palmpay Gemstones:

Like I stated earlier, accumulating Gemstones is totally hinged on how frequently you transact on the Palmpay app, prior to the launch of this wonderful package, I used to purchase airtime and data with my Bank app more frequently but now I’ve switched to Palmpay full time because it has myriad of benefits. Not mincing words, below are the transactions that will fetch you Gemstones.



You get rewarded with gemstones when you buy airtime above N100, fund your betting wallet etc. Infact, if you make Palmpay your major payment platform, you will accumulate thousands of gemstones.

If you are also not such a digital person, i.e. prefers purchasing paper recharge cards then you can also accumulate gemstones if you check in everyday on the Palmpay app. Below is a screenshot guide.


Aside from the gemstones, check-in attracts some bonuses which you will also receive coupled with the gemstones. Everyday you check-in, you will be given 200 gemstones.

How to Get Free N500 Coupon With The Accumulated Palmpay Gemstones



Now to the main reason for writing this article, the minimum gemstones required for redemption is, 50,000 Gemstones, don’t fret! You can easily accumulate this if you are an active user of Palmpay. I started accumulating some days ago and I already have over 15000 stones.

That’s all you need to know about Palmpay Gemstones 💎.
If you are an active user of Palmpay, don’t dull yourself, if something is still bewildering to you, drop comments and also share this to your friends using the provided share buttons.





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