Waverlite: How to Get Free 1,000 Naira Sign Up Bonus & Upto 10k Free

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Waverlite free registration bonus

Are you aware that you can get free 1k sign up bonus and upto 10,000 naira free for doing simple activities? Waverlite is a platform that enables users receive and send money globally. There are no boundaries with their service as you can transact and receive money internationally via the website.

But that’s story for another day, waverlite in the bid to gain more users have introduced an interesting registration and referral bonus for all new users. All new users on waverlite who sign up, get verified and also completes the necessary steps; some of which will be mentioned in this post will be rewarded with a whopping 1,000 naira and it doesn’t end there. You can also earn via their referral program.

In this post, we are going to have a look at how you can get free 1,000 naira bonus from waverlite for signing up and some information on how to go about the referral program in order to earn 500 Naira each from your friends and loved ones. Just sit tight and enjoy this post.

How to Get Free 1k Sign Up Bonus On Waverlite

Waverlite Free 1k sign up bonus

  1. First of all, you need to create an account, it is self explanatory, but make sure you register with via the link – https://app.waverlite.com/create-account/Gist
  2. After signing up, you will be given 10 Wave Coin which is equivalent to 1,000 naira. WC is waverlite’s in-app currency. So all you will be required to do is complete the steps needed to be fully verified.
  3. While on the dashboard, you will see an option to complete registration, click on it and you will see a list of steps to complete in order to be fully registered. Some of the tasks are;

Waverlite Verification requirements

  • Uploading a means of identification – you can use any official ID such as NIN, voters card, International passport, drivers license etc.
  • Option to verify your email address
  • Setting up a financial profile – here you will be asked to fill some information regarding how much you earn yearly and other information pertaining to your financial status.

How to exchange Wave Coin to naira on waverlite

When you are done with the steps/tasks, then you go back to the dashboard homepage and click on exchange, then exchange your 10 WC  to naira to get the 1,000 naira bonus.

How to Withdraw 1k Sign Up Bonus From Waverlite

Waverlite payment proof

  • To withdraw your bonus, just click on withdraw button close to the naira balance and enter your BVN, then add an account information to your profile.
  • Then place withdrawal, they will collect some charges, so what you will receive is 850 naira.

That’s all for how to get the 1k sign up bonus easily. Now if you wish to earn more, the next step is referring new users to waverlite.

How Waverlite Referral Program Works

Waverlite is giving free 500 Naira per person you refer to the system. To do this, click on referral on your homepage and then copy your referral link and share to friends and per person who signs and completes the steps stated above, you will be given 500 Naira.

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The best part is that, the person would also be rewarded with 1,000 naira sign up bonus, so no one loses! Enjoy and feel free to share this post to friends who may be interested in earning some bucks online.

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