How to Get Free Vouchers From The Jumia Cake Game

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Jumia free voucher from the cake game

Jumia recently introduced the cake game that rewards players with free Discount Vouchers when they get to a certain point in the game. If you are a gamer or you love playing games, then this is a good opportunity for you to earn or accumulate some vouchers from doing what you love to do.

The Jumia game initiative is part of the anniversary bonuses or packages that were recently launched and it’s ending in the month of July, so if you have things to buy, you can participate in the game, win some vouchers that can be used to purchase things during the Jumia anniversary promotion. They have launched something similar to this earlier this year and many people also got some vouchers, but if you missed the first one, here’s an opportunity to enjoy it.

How to Get Free Jumia Vouchers During This Anniversary Promotion

Jumia cake game

✅ It takes just a few minutes, if you already have Jumia Application, launch the app, on the homepage you will see the 10 years anniversary banner, click on it and on the next page, you will see some sliders showing the promotional offers available during the anniversary, simply select the Jumia Cake Game.

✅ After clicking on the Jumia cake game, it will open the Jumia website and request for your Jumia login details. Login to your jumia account and then start playing the game. The game is not hard at all, as long as you can maintain stability and also try as much as possible to align the cakes properly.

✅ The minimum number of points required to redeem 1,000 Naira voucher is 2,000+ points, which means that if you score less than 2k points, don’t bother redeeming it, just continue playing till you get upto 2,000 points and above. Getting 3k+ points will fetch you 1,500 voucher and the maximum is 2.5k voucher.

✅ These vouchers can’t be used to purchase airtime, it’s meant to serve as discount codes while purchasing things on Jumia. If you have a 1,000 Naira voucher code, when buying something worth 2,000 Naira, you would end up paying just 1,000 Naira for the product as long as you applied the discount code.

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That’s how to get free Jumia vouchers in the ongoing 10-Years anniversary of Jumia. Enjoy and feel free to join our WhatsApp group and telegram channel!

Added bonus: the first voucher screenshot in this article has not been used. If you have something worth 2,000 Naira upwards to buy, you can use it ASAP! 

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