How to Get Opay Free 300 Naira Bonus

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Have you gotten the Opay free 300 Naira bonus yet? Opay just launched a new promo that is aimed at promoting the use of the new pay me account details as an alternative to the display of one’s phone number as account number especially for business people. In the bid to encourage business people to set up their pay me account account details, they introduced a 300 naira cash gift to all users to create a pay me acct and upload the poster of the account details in front of their business places or shops.

What this means is that, you earn free 300 naira on Opay if you create a pay me account and upload the proof of the pay me account you created showing as a poster in front of your shop and also when you receive some money using the pay me details.

In this article, we are going to be breaking down the steps you have to follow in order to receive free 300 naira bit by bit. This is to avoid confusion or mistakes along the line.

Requirements For Opay Free 300 Naira Bonus

Opay free bonus

  1. An Updated Opay App which can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store or Apple Store for iOS Users.
  2.  Sticker maker app of your choice that can create stickers from images. This will help you convert your Pay Me details to sticker and paste in front of the shop you wish to use.
  3. An image of a shop, the entrance of the shop. At the entrance of the shop is where you’ll be required to attach the images of your pay me as posters.

That’s pretty much all the requirements needed to get this bonus. Now let’s get down to the steps you must follow in order to get the bonus.

How to Get Opay Free 300 Naira Bonus

How to get Opay free 300 naira bonus

1. Launch the newly updated Opay Account and you will see the “Earn 300 Naira” promo. Click on it and complete some of the steps on the list.

How to get free 300 Naira on Opay

2. You will be asked to update your business information, i.e the name of your business or shop and then the category it falls under. There is no rule here as you can write any name you wish to write.

3. When you are done with business information step, the next will be to upload a picture of the pay me poster in front of your shop.

Upload Opay pay me details

Download the image of your Pay me details and crop it into two parts. Attach the pay me account details as poster in front of the shop you either downloaded or actually snapped. Then upload the image to complete the step. Image must be clear enough with your pay me details showing in the poster.

Opay free 300 naira steps

4. Then finally, move to the last step which involves sending at least 300 naira to your pay me account details. Recall that the pay me account number is an alternative to the phone number being displayed as account number for business people. Transfer at least 300 naira to the pay me account number and then wait for the bonus.

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The bonus often takes an hour or two to arrive. As long as you completed everything correctly, you will get your bonus.

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