How to Get Palmpay Free 100 Naira Airtime Coupon Instantly

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Palmpay is giving away free 100 naira airtime coupon that can be used to purchase airtime without paying a dime i.e. without paying any money. Palmpay is one application that is very fond of giving back to the users via the numerous promotions, general coupons and campaigns they conduct from time to time. As a user, there is no way you can use palmpay for years without getting one of their many rewards.

In this article, we are going to find out how you can get palmpay free 100 naira airtime coupon which can be used to buy airtime completely free of charge on your registered line. If you are looking for a way to get free airtime, then you need to either register newly on the app or sign into your registered accounts to claim the free airtime.

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The only downside of the palmpay free 100 naira airtime coupon is that, it can only be used to buy airtime directly to your palmpay registered number and not to any number you wish. If you try to top up another number asides the one you used to create account, there will be no way to redeem the airtime coupon.

About Palmpay General Coupon

About palmpay free 100 naira airtime coupon

Palmpay is giving away general coupon to users from today being 15th to 16th (Sunday) for all users who either sign up or login and claim the bonus in the promo bar. Like I stated earlier, the general coupon giveaway is not limited to new users, so follow the steps below to get your own share of the palmpay free 100 naira airtime coupon on the app.

How to Get Palmpay Free 100 Naira Airtime Coupon

How to buy airtime with palmpay free airtime coupon

  • Download and register on palmpay if it’s your first time, while creating an account, you will be asked to enter a referral code, simply enter this code – G954ER
  • After creating the new palmpay account, look out for the general coupon banner or notification, click on it and proceed to claim the bonus. When you are done claiming, still click on the use now button and select the amount of airtime you wish you purchase, click on the coupon option and select the 100 naira airtime coupon.
  • You can use the airtime coupon yo purchase airtime completely without paying a dime i.e. 0.00 naira.

The good thing is, if you have many palmpay accounts, you can claim as much as 300 naira or more depending on how many palmpay accounts you have by claiming the bonus because it’s open to everyone i.e. all palmpay users, new and old. Feel free to claim airtime and endeavor to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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