How to Get Unlimited Data From TikTok Lite By Self Referring

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Here is how to get unlimited data on tiktok lite by self referring. If you have been searching, then there is no need to look further as this article contains everything about how to get unlimited data from Tiktok lite by self referring. Recall that two days ago, we posted an article on how to participate in the data rewards promo by referring friends and family to download the TikTok lite application.

Ever since the article was published, there’s been numerous tips on how to get this free data from TikTok lite without actually stressing yourself by referring.

We all know how difficult it is to convince a single soul to sign up on something regardless of the benefits attached; partly due to the rate at which cyber crime has taken over the place. Due to this, people are now very skeptical when it comes to signing up or clicking on a link on social media or the internet generally. With that said, we(my hardworking group members) came up with an easier way to do the self referring in order to get unlimited data via the TikTok lite free data rewards.

Here is a Video Summary Of the Steps to Self Refer on TikTok Lite Even Without Any Sim on YouTube

So in this article, we are going to have a look at how to get unlimited data from TikTok lite by self referring. The good news is that, this self referring trick is not just for people who have many sims. Even if you have just one sim, you can participate and get unlimited data as long as you’re willing. This is open to people who have many sim cards and those who don’t, all you need is determination.

Requirements Needed to Get Unlimited Data From TikTok Lite

Requirements For TikTok lite self referral

  • A Standard Android or iOS phone
  • Many twitter accounts you can create many twitter accounts with same email address. This can be done using our conventional Gmail trick which involves the use of dots in between the letters. All the otp and details pertaining the twitter accounts created will still be sent to one Gmail regardless of the dots. You can read more on our Gmail trick here.
  • Dual Space Pro Mod version which can be downloaded directly from Mega Repository. 
  • Many sim cards if you don’t want to create many twitter accounts.

Once you have all the requirements, the next step is to start creating TikTok lite accounts.

How to Get Free Data On TikTok Lite App

How to get unlimited data from TikTok lite app by self referring

If it’s your first time hearing about this free data update, then follow the steps below to register and prepare to get unlimited data from TikTok lite;

  • Download TikTok Lite Application from either Google Play Store or Apple Store and sign up.
  • You can sign up either using your phone number/email, Google account, Facebook account or twitter account.
  • When you are done signing up, click on “Me” i.e. your profile icon and tap on the package icon showing at the top left corner, and then bind this code – A5587921 to get free 300mb welcome data bonus.
  • You can redeem the data bonus instantly or copy your referral code and start the self referring activity immediately.

How to Get Unlimited Data From TikTok Lite By Self Referring

TikTok lite self referrals

First of all, you need to install the Dual space pro and use it to clone many versions of the TikTok lite app. It is advisable to clone up to 10.

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Then after cloning the accounts, open them one after the other and start creating accounts but this time, instead of using phone number or email while creating accounts, select twitter account. Once you select the twitter option, you will be asked to sign into your Twitter account, enter username and password and then you will be redirected back to the cloned TikTok lite version to complete registration.

Select date of birth and then proceed to the data rewards page and enter the invite code of your main account. Upon entering it, you will be given free welcome bonus of either 100mb or 300mb and your main account will receive free 500mb, 1gb or 1.5gb data reward as referral bonus.

TikTok lite self referral bonus

Repeat the same process with other cloned versions of the TikTok lite app on dual space pro and create as many accounts as possible with the twitter option. No sim card is required, all you need is a twitter account and to create a twitter account, you can easily do it with one or two gmails with the dot trick we mentioned earlier.

For each account created, you will be given both welcome bonus and referral bonus to your main account. When you are done with the first 10 Tiktok lite apps you cloned using dual space, simply delete them and clone another 10 after creating more twitter accounts. Just keep repeating the process to keep accumulating more data in the TikTok data rewards promo period.

The promo may end at anytime, so I would suggest you take this information seriously by creating many accounts and getting unlimited data.

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