How to Get Up to $5 Bonus on Cashex App

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CashEx $1 bonus

You can get free $5 bonus on cashex application if you have plans to travel out of Nigeria in the coming months by submitting the proof on the app.

The good news is that, you will also be rewarded with an instant bonus of $1 as soon as the document is uploaded. In this post, we are going to break down all there is to know about cashex application and how you can get cashex points worth $1 free of charge by submitting an image of your visa and completing the necessary forms.

How Does Cashex Application Work?

CashEx is a digital bank for Africans. Save in US Dollars at the best rates and earn up to 10% interest on your savings. You also get the chance to set up a virtual US dollar card that will enable you make payments on websites that operate using the dollar since the naira debit cards are no longer working on such website or payment gateways.

The additional benefit is that you also enjoy personalized guidance and support in moving your dollar savings. The CashEx app has been around for sometime and as such, if you are the type of person who is looking for a virtual US dollar card, CashEx could be a good option for you.

That aside, recently, CashEx put in place a service known as migration pathways; which is aimed at providing customized support for a user’s migration journey to other countries. The migration pathways boasts of providing users with the following;

  • A new and improved virtual card. You would also enjoy lower fees, accepted on more platforms.
  • Get pre-approved for virtual cards in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

In the bid to also encourage for users who are planning to leave the country to partake in the migration pathways, they also fixed a bonus for users who submit a picture of their visa as a proof that they’d be travelling.

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Don’t fret, even if you don’t have the visa yet, you can submit any document and get rewarded with 10,000 points which is equivalent to $1.

How to Get Upto $5 Bonus On CashEx App

How to get free $5 on CashEx app

If you have the visa, you will be able to get the full bonus after inspection is conducted by the CashEx representatives. Below are the steps to follow;

  • As an old user, just download the CashEx application from Google Play store or Apple store and sign in to your account.
  • You will see the option to fill the migration pathways, click on it, tick every option as complete till you get to the option to “Receive US Visa“.

CashEx free bonus

  • Click on this option, enter the name of the document, then upload a scanned or snapped copy of your visa and you will be instantly rewarded with 10,000 points with the remaining $5 bonus pending inspection/examination by a support rep.

Points credited to your account on CashEx can only be withdrawn or redeemed after 30 days. So whatever point you get after submitting the visa would be available for redemption after 30 days.

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