How to Get Upto 10k Airtime On Ring Application

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Do you know that you can get Upto 10k airtime free from Ring Application on any network? Like the name implies, ring application works in same way as truecaller, the only difference is that, you get to earn some money or dollars depending on where you are in the world.

In this article, we are going to find out some details about Ring Application, how to earn free Airtime instantly and then how to keep earning on the app. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started!

What is Ring Application?

Ring app is an android application that provides users with the opportunity to earn money by making and rejecting test calls. Users can also blacklist numbers and block unwanted calls on the application. It is an easy to use application that requires little to nothing before users start enjoying the amazing features and also earning some money via airtime.

How to Get Free Airtime On The Ring Application

Ring App free 10k airtime

Like I said, you can get free airtime after installing the ring app, and receive test calls from the administrator (s) of the app. Each test call you receive comes with its own benefits or attached amount. But there is a faster way to earn on the ring app, the former is more like a long term earning model on the app. You can earn upto 400 Naira on the app if you refer users in tier 1 and tier 2 countries.

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E.g. as a Nigerian, if you refer someone in the United States, you will be credited with 415 Naira airtime in your balance. But if you refer Nigerians to the app, you get 125 Naira per person that signs up with your code. There is no limit to the amount of airtime you can accumulate, so below are some steps you need to take;

✅ Download The Ring App Directly From Google Playstore 

✅ After downloading the Ring App, sign up with your real details and when asked to enter your referral code, simply paste this code – 461235495

✅ When you are done with the registration, you will be given free 20 Naira to start with and for every test call you receive/reject you get a certain fixed amount added to your balance.

Ring app referral program

✅ To refer, simply click on the profile icon and click on referral program to get your unique referral code.

✅ Copy your own referral code and share to friends and family members. Each user who registers with your code, you get credited with 125 Naira that can be withdrawn instantly via airtime.

That’s basically how to accumulate upto 10k airtime and even more than that with the ring app.

How to Withdraw Your Free Airtime From Ring Application

Simply click on your balance, it will bring a form of drop down menu, enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed. Your airtime will be credited in few seconds depending on how decongested the application is at the moment.

Enjoy your free airtime and don’t forget to join our channel for direct updates as e dey hot 😀

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