How to Get Verification Badge On Your Telegram Account

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Get verification badge on telegram

The blue verification badge no matter where it appears comes with some level of authority and regard. Having the blue verification badge beside your telegram profile is one way to differentiate your account from other accounts and also to stand out in a way.

Good news is that, you can easily get the verification badge on your telegram account in order to increase the authority of your account. All it takes is taking certain steps. In this blog post, I am going to be revealing how to get the blue verification badge on your telegram account. Before we get down to the main purpose of writing this post, let’s have a look at some of the benefits having the verification badge confers on an accounts.

Benefits Of Telegram Account Verification

  • You get to differentiate your account from every other random account on telegram.
  • If you are the type of person that engages in serious business on telegram, having a blue verification badge increases the trust users would have for your profile.
  • It adds some ecstatic appeal to your telegram account as well.

How to Get The Blue Verification Badge On Telegram

Upgrade to Telegram Premium to get verification badge

1. Login to your telegram account and click on the profile then on settings. Scroll down till you see the telegram premium option.

Click on upgrade to telegram premium, you will have to upgrade your account to premium to get the opportunity to get the verification badge. To upgrade to premium, all you need is have a virtual USD card and Upto $2.10 dollars in the account balance.

2. You can get a USD virtual card from Chipper Cash by clicking on Cards option and then activate the USD card. After activating the USD card, you can fund your chipper wallet with the equivalent of $2.10 dollars then transfer the money to your chipper dollar virtual card.

3. Copy the card details and go back to telegram, use the card to upgrade to telegram premium. It costs just 900 Naira plus some charges which is equivalent to $2.10 but due to conversion rate, you may have to pay slightly higher than ₦900 to upgrade.

4. After upgrading, your account will get the opportunity to fix the desired emoji beside the name. You will also be given the chance to access some emojis that were set apart for people on premium plan.

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Now, all you have to do is save the emojis to your telegram account. Click the links below to get the blue verification emoji pack.

Download First Verification Emoji Pack

Download Second verification emoji pack 

Like I mentioned earlier, after being upgraded to premium plan, you can now add any emoji beside your profile name. Just save the above emoji packs and click on telegram settings, click on the default Star icon beside your name as premium member and select the blue verification emoji from the ones downloaded above.

That’s how to set the blue verification badge on your telegram account. It’s as easy as ABC! If you are already on premium plan, then just download the telegram emoji packs attached above.


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