Steps to Get Your Business to Appear on Google

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Do you own a business and would like to make it appear on Google? If your business is just getting started or newly gaining ground and depends on the reviews from people i.e. customers to thrive, then adding it on Google should be one of the primary ways of securing the trust of some users.

I mean, it gives one more confidence to purchase something from you or do business transactions with you, if your business profile is sitting on google when he or she decides to search for it. The business also gains more value when there are positive reviews about the business on Google. But then how can you add your business to Google? You will get to find out the easy way of doing this.

How to Easily Add Your Business to Google

First of all, click HERE to visit Google Business

Adding business to Google

On desktop mode, you will see the option to add a new business, but on mobile, you will see Manage, click on it and select the add your business option.

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On the next and subsequent pages, information pertaining your new business will be required of you, something like the name of your business, the address you would like to set for it, the phone number and some photos of what your business is all about.

Business profile on google

You need to be very accurate while filling this information because that’s what the public will have to see whenever they search for your business on Google. Select the right category for your business and click on the next page.

Business page address

Enter the correct physical address, local government area, state and other information required for your business and proceed to the next page and on subsequent pages, you would be asked to add a phone number that can be used in contacting you directly, this phone number will be public. So make sure it’s truly your business phone. Then you proceed to adding pictures of your business and submit, google often approves new business profiles within 7 days.

Sample business page on Google

If your new business page is cancelled or rejected for any reason, you will be mailed and the reason will be stated. But filling the form accurately with the correct details will reduce the chances of this happening to the lowest possible way. So make sure you fill the accurate details and put all necessary pictures where it should be.

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