How to Hide Number Of Likes On Facebook

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Facebook has introduced a new feature that enables users to hide the number of likes on their posts and even given users the ability to hide the number of reactions on all posts they see on the platform. If for any reason you feel you are not getting enough likes as you’d wanted, this feature provided by Facebook is the best option for you to do away with the issue of low likes entirely.

In this article, we are going to examine how to effectively and easily hide the number of likes on your posts on Facebook in 2022. You can utilize the feature by following very simple steps. without further or protracted blabbing, lets get down to the main reason for writing this article.

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How to Hide Number Of Likes On Your Facebook Posts

If you want to hide the number of likes on your Facebook posts, just login to your account. with the application, just click on the three lines in the top right corner of the app. Below is a screenshot guide

facebook settings icon


> You will be shown several options, select the Settings & privacy option, a drop down menu will appear showing numerous options, just select settings and proceed.

facebook settings

> The first option that will show up on the settings page is your profile settings with your profile picture. Just tap on it and navigate through to where you will see Reaction Preferences

facebook profile settings facebook hiding likes

Select Reaction preferences and then you will be shown two options; the first option  would be whether you wish to turn off reactions from all posts i.e. you wont be seeing the number of reactions on other posts being shown to you on Facebook and the second option would be to prevent friends and everyone on Facebook from seeing the number of likes on your posts. below is a screenshot guide

how to turn off likes on facebook

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