How to Know If A Credit Alert Is Fake Or Real

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Identifying a fake and real credit alert

Being able to know if the credit alert you received is fake or real is very important because some fraudulent people capitalise on the naivety of others to defraud them. If you don’t know how to distinguish between a fake credit alert and a real one, then the information contained in this piece would be important to you.

In this piece, we are going to be theoretically examining how to know if a credit alert is real or fake. So next time you receive any alert for services rendered or goods purchased, you will be able to determine the authenticity.

How to Identify Fake And Real Credit Alert In Nigeria

1. The first and perhaps easiest way is quickly checking your bank application or dialing your bank USSD code to know the balance. If someone claims to have credited you and perhaps you don’t like how the alert looks, you can immediately verify the authenticity of the transaction by checking your balance.

2. Secondly, look out for account balance in the credit alert text. Each time a credit transactions occurs on your account, it often reflects in the balance immediately which can also be seen in the credit alert text. If for any reason, the remaining balance on your account don’t come alongside the credit alert, then you should know that it’s a fake alert.

There are many applications fraudulent people use to send their clients fake alerts for which many gullible people fall prey to. So if your balance doesn’t show up alongside the credit alert, you can double check by using your mobile application to check your balance.

3. The last step or way of finding out if an alert is fake is by checking the email you used in creating your bank account. Whenever a transaction occurs on your account, the notification is often sent to both your email and phone number. In a situation whereby, you doubt the authenticity of the credit alert you received, simply login to your email and check whether the alert was also sent to your mail, if it’s not there, then it’s certainly fake.

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Never accept or confirm receipt of money when the alert looks fake. Check and double check to be sure you are not being played on.

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