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How To Make Calls As Low As 13k/s To All Networks On Mtn

 Hello Gistrealerz! Do you know you can call all network at 13k/s on Mtn ?? 

Mtn has succeeded in providing several offers, bonus and special tariff plans to suits the need of individual customers. 

On Mtn beta talk, calls are made at 40k/s which is very expensive. Let’s do the math, If you talk for 1 minutes, 60 seconds you will be charged  N24. 

Now if you are charged 13k/s, and you talk for a minute, It’s just N7.8 , that’s N16 difference, which you can for 2 more minutes. 

To enjoy this offer, All you need to do is migrate to an Mtn Tarrif plan called Bizz Class.

 Mtn Bizz class is not a new Tarrif plan. It has been there for a while, but it’s not known by many. Aside the cheap calls, you can also enjoy 3 free text messages daily, how cool is that?

How to Migrate to Mtn Bizz Class

Bizz class is a  tariff plan, therefore it’s available to all Mtn users.

First Dial *460*1# 

Then select 2 to migrate to Bizz class and you are good to go. 

Note: Migration is free after you have stayed on your current plan for above 30 days. 

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