How to Make Cool Money From Your Facebook Page

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Facebook is one of the biggest social messaging platforms out there with over 2.6 billion users worldwide. Do you have the slightest idea that you can start making cool cash from the comfort of your home with the contents you churn out to the vast audience the platform has?

Many of us know about Facebook pages and how people post videos, memes and even images on these pages for users to enjoy, but do you also know that some of these contents are monetized i.e. the administrators make money as the users consume these contents. In this article, I am going to basically break down how to start making money with your Facebook page by explaining the following;

  • The requirements to monetise your Facebook page.
  • The kind of contents that can be monetized.
  • How to activate the monetisation option on your Facebook page easily without having to consult any “techie” to do it for you.

All I need you to do is take the information contained in this piece very seriously. There is no way you are leaving this article completely empty as I am going to break it down in the simplest terms ever.

What Are The Requirements to Start Making Money With Facebook Page In 2022?

1. You must have at least five videos all of which must have more than a minute in length.

2. You must also have at least 600,000 minutes of total views in the last 60 days. If you have plans to monetize live videos, then at least 60,000 of the 600k minutes most come from Live broadcasts. If you intend monetising with the five videos on your page, then three videos of the minimum five videos also needs to have come from Live sessions.

3. Lastly, you must have a minimum of 10,000 page followers.

These are the major requirements for Facebook page Monetisation. The next step would be getting to know the kind of contents that can be monetized on a Facebook page.

What Kind of Contents Can You Monetize On Facebook?

If you have been paying keen attention, then this question wouldn’t be necessary. The only content that can be monetized are video clips. This explains why you see some adverts while streaming videos on Facebook pages. That’s their own way of earning some money from the audience.

Having known this, let’s get straight into knowing how to activate the Monetisation option on your Facebook page. Note that before proceeding, you must have met the above requirements, if in your mind of mind, you know you don’t meet the requirements, then there is no point reading further unless it’s for educational purposes.

How to Activate Monetisation On Your Facebook Page Easily

Making money from Facebook

1. Launch a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or even Opera Mini. Select the search button and type in “Facebook Creator Studio”.

2. Click on the creator studio link and login, note that you must have a Facebook page before you can access the creator studio.

3. When you have logged in, head to the facebook creator studio that can be used to track video performance and also upload videos. On the home page, click on the column on the right hand side and click on “Monetisation” from there, you can access the overview section to know the kind of Monetisation available for your page.

Facebook page Monetisation

4. If your page met the requirements or criteria, you will see an option to activate the Monetisation and then an email will be sent to your registered email address and then you start making money from your contents with less hassles.

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Continue creating more content and the money will keep accumulating as more users view and engage with your content. Enjoy and feel free to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel.

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