How to Make Money Daily Through Surveys In Nigeria

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Are you looking for a way to make money daily through surveys in Nigeria? Look no further, as you will find the various tips to take seriously if you want to make passive income from surveys as a Nigerian.

It is no longer news that our economy in this part of the world is not so favourable thus if you don’t make money regularly via any means, you may not live a very comfortable life. So in this article, we are going to have a look at how to make money daily through surveys in Nigeria. There are numerous survey platforms out there but few actually pay while many others don’t. It is for this reason that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you latest paying survey websites so that interested viewers can make some money via answering surveys and completing tasks.

List of Legit/Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria At the Moment;

How to make money daily through surveys in Nigeria

1. Surveyeah

2. Surveyflix

3. MetroOpinion Survey

4. Mobiworkx Survey

5. Surveytime

These are the major survey sites that have been confirmed to be paying without the use of virtual private network and also working perfectly for Nigerian users. With that being said, at least you have an idea of the legit platforms that you can participate in their surveys in order to earn money, airtime, gift cards etc without using any VPN.

Tips to Make Money Daily Through Surveys In Nigeria

Surveyflix payment proof

1. Complete the profile with all the data relating to your interests or preferences – in most cases, before survey websites or platforms start sending surveys to the respondents, they look out for potential respondents based on their profiles thus if you wish to earn as much as possible from survey websites, you must set up profile surveys.

How to answer profile surveys on survey platform

All survey platforms give users the opportunity to complete profile surveys before they start sending out surveys. So to qualify for more surveys, you have to complete the profile surveys to enable the companies trying to send surveys know the kind of surveys you’d like to complete. This is one very important step you must take to start earning well from survey platforms not just the ones listed above.

2. Answer honestly when completing surveys – many survey websites implement advanced systems that understand when answers to a survey are given randomly. Some survey platforms insert control questions, trick questions to ensure the respondents are following. Now the issue is if you keep answering randomly or dishonestly, you risk being blocked from receiving further surveys as panels wouldn’t like to destroy their reputation. Additionally, answering surveys dishonestly or randomly, raises your risk of being disqualified halfway into a survey.

No one would like a scenario where, he or she has gone more than half way into a survey and then get slapped with an error that he or she has been disqualified from the survey. So you need to be careful while answering surveys and look out for control questions and complete them well. If you wish to make money daily through surveys in Nigeria, these steps are sacrosanct.

3. Open any available paid survey quickly; some market research companies may need just 100 responses to a survey. So answering late may lead to disqualification or error due to the fact that the number of users/participants needed for the survey has been completed. So make sure you answer any available survey within 24-48 hours after receiving mails or notifications of paid survey availability.

Only join the best panels – there are numerous survey panels out there but many of them are scammers. The few legit major market research companies have some common traits or features and you should look out for the following;

  •  Payment thresholds – some panels especially fraudulent panels have deceptive high thresholds that make it very difficult for respondents to complete the surveys. When this happens, you end up answering and answering for years just to earn a penny. This is one sign of a scam platform and as such make sure a survey panel you want to join has a low threshold.
  •  Check the payment (currency-points conversion); be wary of survey platforms that offer a ton of points with a poor conversion rate when changed to either money or airtime. Some scam survey panels do this to prevent people from knowing how the platform works.
  •  Make sure you answer surveys with updated chrome, Firefox or Brave browser.

If you take the steps seriously, you would be able to make money daily through surveys in Nigeria . Thanks, share and endeavour to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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