100 Royal: Play Games And Earn Upto 10k Daily

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100 Royal is a new gaming platform where users can make money on a daily basis when they play casino games such as dice, wingo and mines. Some of the games are very easy and as such, it shouldn’t take you much time to even make up to 10k daily.

In this article we are going to have a look at how to make money on 100 royal gaming platform via playing simple games. Before we get started though, we will also have a look at more details about the platform.

About 100 Royal

100 Royal like I stated earlier is a gaming platform where you make money via playing games. It was recently launched and users have been cashing out for a while from playing simple games online but for you to make money, you need to deposit some money as you can’t play for free unless there is a free bonus link available.

Is 100 Royal Legit?

Is 100 royal legit?

100 Royal is legit. But if you are not so lucky while playing the games, you may tag the platform scam thus the reason why we will be unveiling the best and easiest games for higher chances of winning in this article.

When it comes to whether 100 royal actually pays, the answer is yes. Immediately you earn up to the Mimimum withdrawal amount, you will be paid instantly. No delays.

How to Create Account On 100 Royal Gaming Platform

Click HERE to sign up. There is no verification criteria or requirement, so all you have to do is enter your email and few details.

When you are done signing up, you will be automatically logged into 100 royal dashboard to start playing games. But like I said, you will meet an empty balance that would require you to deposit.

How to deposit

To fund your 100 royal wallet, simply click on the red wallet icon at the top right corner and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

There is an ongoing campaign on the platform, deposits above 5k will fetch you 50% deposit bonus extra to play games and deposits above 10,000 naira will fetch you 100% bonus.

All the bonuses gotten from deposits can be used to play. So it’s a win-win for anyone who is truly interested in the platform. After funding your wallet with 2,000 naira and above, proceed to the homepage and start playing games.

Easiest Games to Play On 100 royal

The easiest games to play on 100 royal based on my experience are;

  1. Mines
  2. Wingo
  3.  Dice

While playing the mines game, you are required to unveil hidden cards. Now if you are lucky not to unveil the cards with explosives, you will keep winning.

You can cash out from the mines game at anytime. But if you open the card that has an explosive, your staked amount will be lost. The rules of each game are shown to you before the commencement of the game and there’s need to read and understand the rules before staking.

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Minimum amount that can be staked on each game is 100 and I will suggest you stick to staking within 100 – 200 Naira in order not to lose so much while playing.

Personally, speaking the mines and dice game are the best or easiest. So if you are looking to earn some money on 100 royal as a newbie, you may want to stick to these games till you have gained enough experience to proceed with other games.

Is There a Registration Bonus On 100 Royal?

No, but occasionally, we get free registration bonus links that can be used to get free 100-300 naira bonus. Now this bonus can only be used to play and it is a promotional offer from the platform that expires after sometime.

Currently, there is no registration bonus link but when it’s available, this article will be updated with the link. For now you have to deposit and play games if you’re truly interested.

Mimimum withdrawal on 100 Royal

Mimimum withdrawal on 100 royal

The Mimimum withdrawal on the platform is 2000 naira. Meaning you have to play enough games till you build your balance up to this amount.

Once you have earned up to 2000 naira, click on same red wallet icon and select withdrawal, then fill your withdrawal bank account and place withdrawal.


100 Royal is a casino gaming website that has its own risks. So you should be 18 and above before registering or attempting to play games on the platform.

You can lose all deposited funds if care is not taken, so you must be careful while playing and endeavour to stake what you can afford to lose.

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